My Favourite Blogs

♥My Blog Friends♥

Visit these fine folks!

Angie @ Anjie’s Musings

April @ Cash Only Living

Cathy @ Still Waters

Chris @ Canadian Veggie

Claire @ Just a Little Less

Doris @ Inspired Follies

Emory @ Hello, Scarlett

Gill @ That British Woman

HP @ The Hawaii Plan

Jean @ Shrimpton and Perfect

Jen @ The Healthful Saver

Jo @ All the Blue Day

Juhli @ A Boomer Girl’s Guide

Julie @ Lovely Grey Day Revisited

Katie @ The Non-Consumer Advocate

Keith @ Musings of an Old Fart

Laura and Brett @ The Occasional Nomads

Lili @ creative savv

Lucinda @ Lucinda Sans

Lucia @ Girl U Should Know

Paul @ Feeding Squirrels on My Way to Work

Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

Snoskred @ Life in the Country by Snoskred

SP @ Stacking Pennies

Sue @ The Cottage at the End of a Lane

Sue @ A Smaller and Simpler Life

Sunny @ Life is Full of Sunny Days

Thrift Deluxe @ Nine to Five

Vera @ This Attentive Life

Viking @ One Viking Roaming the World

Viv @ where the journey takes me 2

If I haven’t included your name, it’s because I don’t know your name or nickname, so I put in your blog initials. You can update me by email, or in comments below. If we have been commenting back and forth and you don’t see your blog here, let me know. I usually don’t read all-recipe, all-travel, all-creative writing or make-money-blogging blogs, nor professional pages (such as Apartment Therapy or Zen Habits).

Here are some of my favourite inactive blogs that I hope will return. Come back to us, please – or start a new blog!

Amanda @ the giraffe life

Amy @ Amy Rutter

AP @ The Asian Pear

Audrey @ Living the Tiny Life

Cai @ Cai

Carla @ My Happy Haven aka  My 1/2 Dozen Daily

Cat @ The Eco Cat Lady Speaks

Chris @ chrisbykate

Fiona @ Declutterer

FR @ The Final Rinse

FS @ Frugal Scholar

Gam Kau @ odds and ends and evens

Garrett @ The Adventures of Transman

Heidi @ Lightly Crunchy

Holly @ Full of Beans (and Sausages)

Jamie Ray @ A Boy and Her Dog

Janet @ Janet’s Notebook

Janet @ Someone, Somewhere

Jen @ Winter Owls

Jo @ Simply Being Mum

Julee @ paidinchickens

Katie @ The Pursuit of a Woman Formerly Known as Paulson

Kris @ Tangled Web

Krystal @ Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Laura @ Minimalism, Travel and Budgets (mtab)

Leslie @ Leslie Beslie

Liz @ Economies of Kale

Lois @ Life in a Minimalist Farmhouse

Meredith @ Looking Up with Down Syndrome

Michele @ Aisle 11

Rachel @ Rachel in Veganland

Sarah @ livetolist

Shannon @ Move Eat Create

Simone @ simytoe

Sarah @ Everyday Life on a Shoestring (moved to Facebook only)

Van @ outSightings

Yettie @ Out of Lagos and My Twintopia

Thanks to bloggers who have included me on their blog roll, too.


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  2. Awww, thanks for including me.

  3. jamielredmond

    I am slowly posting my favourite recipes online so I have them at hand, but I don’t have all my accounts linked, so it doesn’t automatically show in my replies here:

    • jamielredmond

      Just posting for those who might be interested in a pretty-much-all-recipes blog. 🙂

    • The feta spinach muffins and the banana pie sound awesome – I can’t wait to try them! I have started copying some recipes that I always view online for the same reason as you – my favourite bread recipe disappeared off AllRecipes and I couldn’t bear for that to happen again! (I do wonder why someone would delete their account from a recipe site: maybe they want to publish their own cookbook or food website and don’t want to share any more?)

  4. What a list thank you for including me. Now I have to go and check out all the blogs you just introduced me to. I miss Heidi as well and hope she’s soon feeling better and comes back to blogging.

  5. Mmmm. Always more blogs to check out.

  6. Just found this. Thanks for including me! At sometime when I have a moment (when pigs are flying around in the Northern hemisphere!) I might visit some of your other favourites. Julie AKA Lovelygrey.

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