20 Little Pix That Represent Me

For my first post, here are some images I’ve chosen over the years to represent myself on the web: as avatars, icons, profile pics, desktop decorations and the like – either to reveal or conceal myself!


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  2. EcoCatLady

    What a wonderful first post, and it deserves some actual comments, even if they are several years late! I love all of your avatars, it’s like “the many faces of Dar” or something. 🙂

  3. Margie in Toronto

    I agree – what an interesting way to present you and your first blog!
    It really does make you think – is the image we present to the world, whether quite deliberate and thought out or simply “as we roll” – truly who we are. We all make assumptions based on initial appearances only to be quite startled when we find out more about that person.
    I am middle-aged, dress quite conservatively and speak well – but colleagues & acquaintances have often expressed surprise and even shock at some of my interests (fantasy literature/Buffy & Angel TV/riding a motorcycle/having a tattoo – while at the same time loving museums & galleries/European travel/speaking Gaelic & listening to classical music) – it’s as though our outer appearance should define our interests and people find it quite disconcerting when it doesn’t always fit together.
    Congrats on your 500th post – always find your posts to be so very interesting.

    • Hi Margie, I thought about that a lot when I first started to create an online presence – it was so hard to know what to reveal and what to obscure! It seems easier now, as if we’ve sorted out the ground rules. I share with you looking on the conservative side ( in my case I would say plain or modest) and one thing I love about getting older is caring so much less about what other people think.

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