You Need Art! – Historic Design Edition

I love modern, streamlined design, and I think of historical objects as being “fussy” and ornate. I am probably projecting Victorian style conventions onto the whole of history! Here’s a little look through previous centuries at handsome everyday items with clean lines and very little frou-frou.

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  1. I love old books like that… my daughter has a few gems on her shelf like that!!

  2. you are right everything doesn’t need to be covered in frills and flowers

  3. Hi Gill, there’s a place for that, but it’s not to my taste! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Moralia, I worked in an old library once and spent a summer cleaning the covers of crumbling leather-bound books – I still like ’em, though!

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  6. Fiona

    The Remington makes me swoon. Such beautiful lines (as with all of this collection.)

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