Splurges and Scrimps

I like to compare notes with people about what they splurge on and what they scrimp on. Mostly people get sheepish about this, and laugh at themselves. We all know those who buy the cheapest, scratchiest toilet paper and the finest ice wines, right? It’s all a matter of personal priority.

If I were on a belt-tightening budget, I would find it really hard to do without coffee, milk, peanut butter and fresh fruit. I also like to buy music and go to concerts, and I feel deprived when I can’t.

The things I spend money on “when less would do” are:

  • Dark roast coffee beans
  • Goat cheese for salads
  • Wild rice
  • Maple syrup
  • Butter
  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Eye cream
  • Quality shoes and boots
  • Concert tickets
  • CDs (or iTunes albums)
  • Gifts for family
  • Giving bigger cheques to charities
  • Thorough insurance coverage and CAA membership

The things I most crave to buy on impulse are:

  • Earrings
  • Hoodies

The things I scrimp on, have given up or don’t care about are:

  • Brand name groceries – store brand works for me
  • Shower gel – gave it up and switched to bar soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner – share a brand with spouse
  • Flower garden – wait until almost Canada Day to buy close-out annuals
  • Movies – only attend on discount Tuesdays
  • Vacation travel – would rather go to local concerts, festivals and restaurants year-round
  • Gym membership, sports equipment and workout wear – work out at home
  • Own a 4-year-old laptop and no tablet
  • Work pays for basic cell phone service
  • Car bodywork – the dings are permanent now!

So, like everyone else, I pinch pennies on some things so I can go all-out on others. What are your splurges and scrimps?


  1. Off the top of my head:
    Splurges – Holidays, coffee. organic meat, good quality clothing and shoes
    Scrimp – Everything else 🙂

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