You Need Art! – Pop Art (and Poppish Art) Edition

Everyone knows pop art when they see it, but there were surprisingly few famous practitioners in its heyday. Name 10 pop artists. See? Pop art drew elements from mass media – advertising, graphic design, comic books and celebrity culture – into the fine art world. The artworks served as social commentary on popular and consumer culture.

Advertising art, such as Coca Cola posters, would not be classified as pop art because it typically doesn’t criticize societal mores. One twist is that some pop art now – such as sneaker art – actually pays homage to products, without irony!¬†Another style is neo-pin-up girl art, featuring nudes with consumer products, as in the works of Mel Ramos.

Here are some pop art highlights. I would sincerely like to know about significant artists I’ve missed!

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