My “What’s In Your Bag?” Post

I love my bag – I only have two: this one and a tiny one which is used for short evening outings. However, I have two backpacks in different sizes. I use one or the other to tote around library books, a hoodie, etc.

I was eyeing this bag for a long time until Rom offered to buy it for me and I happily accepted. I like it because it’s big enough for a clipboard or file folders when I go to a meeting, or it can be loaded up with sunscreen and snacks for a day out. It is officially an “expandable messenger bag.” ย It came with the trademark Kipling toy ape attached which I didn’t leave there: I have enough critters of my own!

The bag has 2 big sections, 2 zippered pockets and 2 patch pockets. Let’s take a tour! I made sure there were no used tissues or candy wrappers before I took the photos ๐Ÿ™‚

Kipling Bag

The bag. It measures 14.5 x 14.5 x 5 inches and currently weights 4.5 lbs stuffed!

It looks a lot slouchier from the side!

The top flap is probably big enough to change a baby on, not that I would!

I use the two red pockets under the front flap for my wallet and my work Blackberry.

There are 2 main sections inside. In the front one you’ll currently find my iPod, Domo camera case, tissues and mints. I don’t usually buy designer Kleenex but I ran out when I was in a posh gift shop! Instead of mints, I would normally have fruit drops or suckers (lollipops) – Kerr’s brand, if you know them! There is plenty of room for a book here, too.

In the other main section I carry a make-up bag, a pencil case, an all-purpose notebook for taking notes and making lists, some Canadian Tire money, and a Wee Ninja toy I plan to hang from my car’s rear view mirror. In the scruffy pencil case, I keep coupons and gift certificates. In the make-up bag, you would find Band Aids, safety pins, nail clippers and a nail file, mini and maxi pads for emergencies, a tiny eyeglasses repair kit, a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, and pink girly lip gloss which I forget to wear. The list shown is a bunch of albums I want to buy, and what the going price is for each, in case I see any of them on sale (or the iTunes price drops).

In the zippered inside pocket I keep my rewards and membership cards in a double-sided holder.

Finally, in the outside pocket I keep 2 kinds of gum, 2 pens (always), keys to both of the libraries where I work, lip balm, and a flash drive for roving among computers.

Some things I never keep in my bag are:

  • sunglasses – I never wear them unless I’m blinded while driving
  • headphones – because I have sets at home and at work
  • moisturizer – ditto
  • a comb or brush, because my hair is bristly and it stays put!
  • a water bottle – because I don’t like water (I do drink it when I’m desperate. Because I’m a bad human being, I attempt to stay hydrated on coffee alone).
  • a tablet or e-book reader, because I don’t have one yet

What are your on-the-go essentials?

Look up “What’s in your bag?” on Google Images or Flickr if you haven’t already!

PS – I am not associated with or profiting from Kipling in any way!


  1. I have no idea what’s in mine. It’s like a wasteland where once useful things go to die… What I need is a smaller bag.

  2. That’s a sweet bag! I used to carry a lot of stuff in my bag when I lived in the city, now that I’m in the country, I drive everywhere and I don’t tend to need as much stuff (I keep most of it at work or at home), but typically you’ll find my wallet, keys, lip balm, cell phone, and about a million receipts.

  3. Mel

    Just wait ’til you won’t be needing those “emergency” supplies! How liberating!!

  4. SarahN

    Thanks for the look inside! You’ve inspired me to inventorise mine!

    In my large Longchamp bag (which i continue to use daily as it fits my work project folder perfectly), I usually have a leather bound notebook (always), sometimes with a pen or pencil or both in between pages, or in the loop that keep it together. Then I have the wallet, two phones usually (personal and work), keys (which have a Swiss army key ring with little scissors, I die without them, they are great for cuticles etc – and totally cured my nail biting habit!), a roll on deodorant (trying to ‘use it up’ – I have too many), sunglasses (never in a case, too cheap and I’m too uncaring/lazy), and a Moxie tin of tampons. And then, the thing that makes me think my bag is empty/clean, is a clear organiser with:eye drops, tape measure, sun screen sample, hand cream sample, SD card (from when there was always a camera in my bag, left it in a cab ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I can use the SD to transfer data I don’t store in the cloud), tissue pack, emu oil (for my psoriasis), mirror (to check my psoriasis, when I’m feeling self conscious at my desk mainly), mini hairbrush, KFC wet wipe or 3, loose band aids, lip gloss and two tinted lip balms. And then sometimes there’s ear plugs, cause I can’t sleep without them, and better in my bag always as a back up if I forget to pack them. And then today, there’s a book for library return, a book to read, a magazine to return to sender (wrong address), loose papers/lists.

  5. Laura @ Move To Portugal

    I have a very similar Kipling bag (mine has the two pockets on the outside), and it’s perfect for travelling. I use a smaller one for every day work use and keep it fairly minimalist – diary, purse,phone,glasses.

    Kipling luggage is on my wish list!

    • For travelling – yes, I really do set out every day as if I’m going on a big expedition! I find that if I have all my stuff with me, I never have to buy things when I’m out, so it saves money! I need new luggage too (had previously bought cheap ones that didn’t last), but I will be taking my time on that purchase!

  6. I love the Kipling bags! Especially the funky ape that comes with it…lol! I was looking at them before but the ones I saw were all too small…love yours! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love sweet little Yoda on your key chain too!

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