An “Off” Week

Not a typical week in Real Life, let alone blogging life. My mom is recovering from surgery, and my dad’s heart condition “acted up,” landing him in hospital. Both of my parents are healthy and active (my dad’s heart condition is well-managed) so this was  unexpected. However, it’s easy to see how these things can converge, when stress is a factor. Both are at home now and, seriously, should be back to normal very soon. I have had enough of hospitals! Although I must say the quality of care and the professionalism of the staff was superb. My sister is a nurse at the same hospital (different unit), so she is a fantastic patient advocate and health care navigator. I only had to be a visitor and chauffeur! My workplace is very accommodating when it comes to family leave, so I am grateful.

I am also moping because my kid, Link, in Toronto, is not very “settled” right now. I am unsure when our next visit will be – probably not aligned with any upcoming holidays – so I am trying to get in the headspace of “not having to know everything.”

This is my first experience being part of the so-called “sandwich generation.”

On the plus side, I received the iPad Mini I pre-ordered, my first tablet, and I am going gaga discovering new tracking apps for everything!

Sadly, this is the extent of my gaming abilities…

I’ll be back tomorrow.


  1. Mel

    Hope your parents are on the mend. Now that you have an ipad come and play SongPop with me! It’s awesomely fun!!

  2. Laura @ Move To Portugal

    I hope your parents are on the mend too. Having ‘children’ away from home can be difficult – I didn’t have any problem with them leaving home, but I find it difficult not knowing what’s going on with them all the time. I hope Link finds a solution 🙂

  3. SarahN

    Sorry for your sandwich-y moments – but I’m glad to hear both your parents are on the improve. I noticed the further away I am from my mother the less she worries – more like, she’s not expecting me home at a certain time, or has less of an idea of my plans etc. Bless her, she’s the one that’s ‘run’ away now – I’m still in Sydney and she’s in the south of France

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