End Times Illuminations

Adventure Time

Last night I fell asleep early watching Adventure Time, and forgot to do the time zone conversion which would have told me that the world had already ended at 7:12 pm local time! Coincidentally, it ended up being an eerie night. There was a dramatic rain storm with high winds, and the outdoor Christmas lights were banging against the house. I awoke at 1:30 am to the incessant rattling of an empty garbage bin rolling up and down the street. Strangest of all, in our quiet suburb, an intoxicated man ran up and down the street yelling to everyone or no one in the driving rain. It was impossible to sleep, so Rom and I got up and made tea and sat talking in the kitchen for a couple of hours. We felt safe and cozy together, with our child sleeping downstairs.

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to write a bucket list: things I want to see and do in my lifetime. Things I would regret if I didn’t do them. But I kept drawing a blank. There are places I’d like to see, but I don’t feel compelled to visit them. It would just be nice. There are concerts I’d love to attend, but I don’t know how aggressively I want to pursue tickets. I don’t seek adventure. I don’t want to meet any celebrities. I don’t want more stuff.

Part of the reason I don’t have a life-long to-do list is that I have a few decades behind me and I’ve already done much of what I dreamed of. I’ve lived in three different cities around the continent, have a satisfying career, have a good relationship with my family of origin, love my spouse, and love to spend time with our grown-up kid. I have a comfortable lifestyle and don’t lack for anything. My real wish is to enjoy more of the same; for this to just continue!

That’s not to say I don’t anticipate things. I like planning trips, looking forward to concerts, eating at new restaurants, trying new recipes, hearing from friends, celebrating holidays and birthdays, and ever so many more things. But any one particular instance of these things is not the point – it’s the whole picture.

My conclusion is that looking at end times is counter-productive. If the world ended last night, all of our worries about the economy, and our own budgets, and our use of oil, and what we ate, and whether we recycled – would all cease to matter. There would be no future generations to pass our world along to. Therefore, it would all come down to who we were with and how we felt at the end. At our house we would probably say, “Remember how we all sat on the couch and ate candy canes and watched Adventure Time?” Because those moments and that togetherness are what counts.

Luckily time didn’t stop, and what we do from now on matters. We can be kind and generous. We can bring peace and tread lightly on the Earth. We can plan and anticipate. We can live in the moment. We can feel things deeply. We can come to terms with the past and make peace with ourselves. We can act ethically at home and at work. All of our actions make a difference. We’re still here!

...and if I get to see Sigur Ros in Iceland someday, that will be a bonus :)

…and if I get to see Sigur Ros in Iceland one day, that will be a bonus 🙂


  1. Mel

    Well said Dar! Strange about the man running down the street though!! Enjoy your family time with Link – my 2 guys come home late tonight. Z and I are looking forward to rockin out with Beatles Rock Band, yeah, yeah, yeah!

  2. What an amazing post!! I feel exactly the same… I’m happy, content, & blessed. I don’t have a bucket list or this & that where I feel that I MUST get certain things done, buy certain things, etc… I’m happy to just “be”. 🙂

  3. SarahN

    Oh bless – I want to wake in those restless nights and have warm snug tea – alas, it’s a hot night usually and tea would defeat the purpose. And my loved one is far away. At least the n-th time I woke last night, he’d written back to my text, to put me at ease.

    I have lists – I thrive on these lists. But if the world ended yesterday, or a month or ten ago, I’m happy. I was doing an album for Grandma for Christmas (started on Friday – am i NUTS!) and god I love my family – photos are silent, so peaceful – and a great way to remind me of our life, whilst most of my immediate family are in the Northern Hemisphere… And bless my friends – who know I’m a semi-Christmas orphan and keep inviting me around, knowing that I go batty alone!

    • Sorry to hear you’re on your own for the holiday. Don’t do anything rash like sneaking round to your exes, LOL! Making an album sounds like the perfect kind of project. Treat yourself real nice and enjoy the week – stay cool!

      • SarahN

        Hahaha – my exes are all far away (ie on goes interstate, another is married and already lives interstate – both sent me a Christmas msg before the current boy, but then I have to factor in time zones!) Back at work today – keeps me out of trouble. Merry Christmas to you too!

      • I’m back to work tomorrow too; we’ll see if that keeps me out of the chocolates!

  4. Wonderful post!!!! you’re right, when you have a good life it is hard to want for more!

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