What I Liked About July

Parade Marshall Scott Jones was made paraplegic in a homophobic attack. This is his response.

Pride Parade Marshall Scott Jones was made paraplegic in a homophobic attack. This is his response.

Briefly, the three things I didn’t like about July:

  • Weeks of 95% humidity without much rain
  • Not being able to get outside for walking very often
  • Breathing a bit too much drywall dust

All signs of being stuck inside during a renovation! This month the library renovation was completed. We are still working all the bugs out, as in any construction project. Happy with the results, though! No vacation this summer, and 40 hours of overtime over two weeks paid off.

you can click any photo to start a slide show, if you like

To treat myself after the reno, I ordered myself a print from Jen at WinterOwls! This weekend I will have it framed and hung in my new work office. It was really hard to choose from Jen’s Etsy shop, but I picked this one. I love it – the concept and the content really speak to me. A perfect way to wrap up the project!

Uh-Huh Her at Halifax Pride

Uh-Huh Her at Halifax Pride

July has two of my favourite celebrations. Around Canada Day, my niece and her friend came to visit for a couple of days. They had a great time out on the town, without us older folks, and they indulged us by playing board games at our house. For Canada Day itself, there was a free night-time concert with Sam Roberts Band – I’m a big fan. On the 27th was the Pride Parade and community fair. It is one of the highlights of my year. As the parent of a self-identified queer/trans kid, I really need that annual burst of inclusion and celebration! (You know you’re in an LGBTQ-friendly area when people wish each other Happy Pride just like they say Merry Christmas). The day included another free concert, this time featuring the wonderful synth rock band Uh-Huh Her.

New Canadian on the left!

New Canadian on the left!

Our local elected official held a reception for new Canadians, of which Rom is one, so we enjoyed food, music and camaraderie in a lovely venue. No political agenda there, I am sure 😉

This month we had a heat pump system installed at our house, which can be set for either AC or heat. It helped us get the humidity in the house down from 95% to 75%! The battle for the remote has commenced. Our current compromise is setting it at 24C when we are home.

On the exercise front, I got workouts in 13 out of 22 work days, but I spent a lot of the month packing and unpacking books and moving furniture!

It was my turn to host Book Club this month, and we had a chic evening sipping wine while discussing the wonderful Chimamanda Adichie’s novel Americanah. Exactly what one wants from a book club!

I am looking forward to a somewhat lazier month in August!

How was July for you?


  1. I can’t believe we’re in August already!! eek where’s the year going? The library look good, stop playing with the Lego and get some work done x

  2. Gam Kau

    The library looks great, well done!
    The print is lovely, I’m quite partial to owls.
    Love that your community hosts a Pride Day! Love being surrounded by open minded peeps. Is your community very large, diverse, cosmopolitan? I find it hard to find small + diverse in location.

    • My city has 340,000 but is spread out over a county-sized area. We have a Pride Week with a huge slate of activities. I am sure we are not as dynamically welcoming as Provincetown (RI) or Northampton (MA), but the culture is generally LGBTQ friendly.

      Halifax is not as ethnically or culturally diverse as some places, because it is somewhat isolated – newer immigrants usually prefer to join established communities in larger city centres.

  3. When I saw the picture and your picture caption, my heart totally swelled up. Bravo for him.

    Also, the library looks amazing! And an iPad table? Wow. We have a newspaper table at my local library. That’s it. ^__^;

  4. Thanks for sharing. I found my seat where to read in the library. I think I would be on one end of that red couch. May the dog days of August be kind.

  5. Library looks great. When you travel do you have a “bus man’s” holiday and peek in at the libraries? When you come to NYC you will have to visit the “main branch” with the lions.

    • Thanks. I haven’t made libraries my main destination in each city, but I always try to take a peek. I guess parts of the NYC main library are closed for a while, but I will at least get my photo taken with a lion. And I sure hope I can see the real Winnie-the-Pooh and friends toys!

  6. Yay! Sounds like a great month with lots to celebrate 🙂

    So glad to hear the library renovation is complete! Like Jamie mentioned, the main NYC library is wonderful if you have time to stop by. The last time we visited, they had an exhibit about lunch that we enjoyed (plus we were impressed by the actual library collection itself).

    Your AC habits sounds similar to ours – we’re usually set at 25-26° C and bask in the low humidity!

    • Yes, I am looking forward to NYPL! I am trying to creep the AC up to 25…

      • Mr S and I battle the temp on our heater. The kids think it funny, that dad freaks out, “Who’s touched the thermostat?”

        I set it lower than him. My response is we can wear some layers, rather than have our boys on T-shirts. And I hate being stuffy. Friends say our house is tropical in winter!

      • In the winter I don’t mind wearing a long sleeve shirt at home, a heavy sweater, and a blanket for TV. But if I’m still cold, the heat goes up!

  7. Love the print you picked. I’ve never got into Etsy because it is so vast I don’t know where to start and if I do I get lost. And if I like something I am just not sure I would in real life.

    Funny that a thing called a heat pump also works as an air conditioner! We’ve had some very warm winter days – mid 20s, but cold, cold nights and mornings and I am so glad we have ducted gas heating. I’d love air con for summer but Mr S won’t get it because of the environmental impact. He says we have a pool which makes a big enough impact and we can jump in to get cool.

    • Yeah, the heat pump has the highest energy star rating when set to auto, but we do override it – especially to dehumidify more. I can sleep OK up to about 28C in the summer. But have not experienced an Australian summer!

  8. I love that people say happy pride day there! Defo something to be proud of I think!!!

  9. Ps…that print is super!

  10. Sounds like a pretty good July! The library looks fantastic! Our library recently took out the computers for kids and put in iPads. I feel bad for our boys because I can’t help them on those and have zero clue how to use them, so we often have to pass them by now instead of being able to play on the computers like they used to.

    As for our July, it’s been great and horrible. Our boys were in AZ with grandparents for a couple of weeks, which meant we got a break. However, we didn’t do nearly a quarter of what we wanted to during that time and ended up fighting a lot. We also spent the month trying to figure out housing situations and school situations. I had many near breakdown moments from the stress of trying to find a situation to fit everyone’s needs. Thankfully, things are starting to look up, so hopefully August will go a bit more smoothly 🙂

    • Hi Megyn, I’m glad things are starting to look up. I think the kids do pretty well exploring the iPads on their own and watching each other. I don’t see much instruction going on! Hope you are settled soon.

  11. I ‘enjoyed’ some super high humidity too – and was thankful to return to the cold in Sydney (though my hands still haven’t thawed from my morning of errands on my scooter!).

    I love that people wish you happy pride, that’s really lovely! Some people protested check out staff at a major grocery store wishing ‘Happy Ramadan’ (technically end of ramadan or Eid), which I thought was horribly hateful!

    • Didn’t know you still had your scooter!

      The good wishes for Pride haven’t extended as far as the retail world (except along the parade route) but I wish they would. Any holiday greeting other than Merry Christmas (even Happy Holidays) is met with a lot of skepticism. You might remember my series of posts about the issues I have with Christmas – I like it and celebrate it but I dislike the way it is used to marginalize and exclude people from different faith backgrounds.

  12. Holly

    Cool library pics, new office art and you with the new Canadian. 🙂 And funny you should mention Northampton as we have very dear friends there and used to travel there at least once a year when my husband was well. And our Northampton friends to here (Milwaukee, WI) as well.

    July was pretty much a bust for me as my husband went into the hospital on the 3rd and was gone the rest of the month. That means lots of chasing for me, not to mention worry and missed work. But one bright spot was going to Madison for two nights last weekend and seeing a Fibit friend (previously only known online) from NY perform in Fierce, the International Queer Burlesque Festival. She was terrific and I had so much fun, and then we hung out most of the next day, walking and browsing shops, having lunch and sipping wine. A lovely time in the midst of general ick.

    Our summer is cool this year and I don’t like that one bit.

    • Hi Holly, Sorry to hear that your caregiving and hospital visiting have increased. But happy you have made some good times for yourself when you can get them. The festival sounds right up my alley! And would be such an inspiring thing for your friend to stay fit for 🙂 We are having a cool, grey, damp summer too, and I don’t appreciate it either!

  13. Congrats to Rom! I’ve also heard really good things about heat pumps–hopefully it will lower your energey costs a lot!

  14. Hi there!
    I love that last photo… the red couch….. heck ya!
    I’m not sure where you live but I was just in Florida for a week and I know about that humidity, but mind you… As long as I’m next to a pool I don’t mind!
    All in all it seems like you had a pretty good July!
    I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  15. Your Pride Parade sounds wonderful – that feeling of inclusivity is so important. Sounds like you live in a fantastic place!

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