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It’s time for a survey!

I’ve understood for a long time that I’m not typical when it comes to music. I’ve been buying music since I was 13, and listening to music is a central part of my life. The formats have changed, and so has the way I listen, but my interest hasn’t.

Today I was reading a couple of statistical studies about what usually happens. From ages 12 to 19, we are most likely to listen to current popular music. Our interests branch out, and peak by age 25. After that, we listen to less and less popular music. Two possible reasons are that we listen to more diverse music and no longer care what’s popular, or we are stuck in the past and we listen to what we liked before – and it’s not popular any more! One study said that many adults go through a “blip” of new music discovery around age 42, perhaps a midlife music crisis! There are differences by age and sex. Some artists have broad appeal regardless of both: the top example in the studies was Bruno Mars! Other artists are polarizing: some are listened to almost exclusively by the young (such as Skrillex) and others mainly by the oldest demographic (such as the Everly Brothers). Likewise, some artists (such as One Direction) are listened to mainly by people who identify as female, and some artists (such as Iron Maiden) are listened to mainly by people who identify as male.

You can read the full articles by Paul Lamere on his blog Music Machinery:

Age-Specific Preferences in Listening

Gender Specific Listening

This one talks about where we get the music and how long we listen:

Average American Listening Habits

If you have a few minutes, I’d love to hear about you and music:

  • What music do you like and dislike?
  • How do you listen to music?
  • When do you listen to music?
  • Do you listen to any new music, and if so, where do you find it?
  • Do you buy music?
  • Do you sing or make music?
  • How do your musical tastes compare to your family and friends?
  • Tell me some songs or artists you’ve listened to lately.

I will say categorically that no one need be ashamed of what they listen to or don’t listen to!

Here are my answers:

I like rock music best, everything from the 1950s to the present, but I focus on new stuff. My current favourites (for the past 8 years) have been indie rock and indie pop. In order, my next favourites are R&B, pop and alternative hip-hop.

I wake up to music on an iPod clock radio and I listen to music on headphones during morning workouts. I usually choose something I own, but sometimes I pick a playlist from Songza. When I go skating, the rink plays an oldies Internet radio station! I don’t bring music when I go for walks. If I take my car anywhere, I listen to CBC radio (mostly non-music, similar to BBC 4 and NPR) and sometimes a modern rock station. Evenings and weekends, I play music on my computer during my endless hours of Internet (ab)use! I always played my own music collection on iTunes, but I am increasingly playing new music on Spotify. I expect I will still buy the occasional album if I want to be sure I’ll be able to keep it forever. I own 500+ albums already, not counting Rom’s, so I am willing to “press pause” on continued buying.

I wish I had funneled a lot of my wasted youth into learning a musical instrument, but I don’t have the motivation right now. My musicianship stops at playing the recorder! I sing along to music I listen to, but only in private, and I don’t belt out a tune very often – but when I do, it’s Motown, like Murphy Brown did 🙂

My dad is a lifelong music listener (enjoying the hits of his generation) while the rest of my family liked Top 40 during my growing-up years. Now I would say they are casual music listeners, going to the occasional concert, being aware of some major hit makers, but not keeping up very deliberately. Rom, of course, is a music collector and fan, and has a good memory for music facts, so we have endless discussions. He likes heavier music than I do, but we have substantial overlap in our tastes. I will listen to Primordial or Lamb of God with him, and he will listen to The Strokes or Tokyo Police Club with me. Mostly we don’t criticize each other’s favourites!

Courtney Barnett (Photo:

Courtney Barnett (Photo:

Lately I have listened to the new Sleater-Kinney, FKA twigs, Kate Tempest, and my current obsession, Melbourne’s own Courtney Barnett!



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  1. I think current technology is really harming the quality of music today. Here’s why:

    • Thanks for stopping by! I feel very advantaged to have grown up listening to pre-digital music, but I don’t long for those days (nor do I buy $30+ new vinyl albums so I can recreate those times). I love the creativity that new artists show in bringing their music to an audience without record label backing. I think there are more musicians now making a living by constant touring just because they love it, unlike the old days when big advances from labels were the norm. I commented more about that on your post!

  2. EcoCatLady

    Very interesting questions. Music used to be my entire life. I learned to read music before I could read words. I had studied 6 instruments by the time I was 12 years old. I have a degree in music, I used to perform regularly, both in formal classical groups as well as casual stuff. I had rehearsals more days than I didn’t, I ran a music school for 16 years, yadda, yadda, yadda. But, after living and breathing the stuff for so much of my life, I sorta got burnt out. It’s not that I love music any less, it’s more like I just “know too much” if that makes any sense. It’s hard to explain, but I sometimes have a hard time just sitting back and enjoying the music without dissecting it either from a musicological or a business standpoint.

    All that being said, I would say that my musical taste is extremely varied. I guess I subscribe to the old Duke Ellington philosophy that there are only 2 kinds of music, good and bad. For me, whatever the style is, it has to pass the humability test. I love rock music, but not the kind that involves lots of shouting, and while I can appreciate the rhythm of rap, it’s not a place my brain goes willingly. And with a very few exceptions, I’d rather be tarred and feathered than sit through an opera or a modern Broadway musical. Being a singer, I tend to gravitate to music with vocal parts – whether it’s a madrigal, a blues standard, a country ballad, a steamy torch song, a Mexican corrido, or even a catchy pop tune.

    These days I mostly listen on YouTube, though I do drag out my favorite CD’s and even cassettes now and then. And if I hear a song on TV or the radio or wherever that I like, I will go to the ends of the earth to find it. But more often than not, if there’s music in the air here, it’s because I’m singing!

    Not sure if I’m answering your questions or not, but here’s my latest favorite song:

    • Ahh I really like the Megan Trainor (original?) version of this, but this is BETTER!

    • Hi Cat, I have often wondered which professions make it hard for the workers to enjoy the same thing at home. Librarians still read at home, but maybe not so much writers or editors? IT workers still use technology at home, musicians still listen to music, chefs still cook. But for all of us there are some days when you just say, “Enough already!”

      I prefer vocal music too, and also like accessible, hummable and anthemic music!

      You got me on that video, Cat! It was a good interpretation. Ironic too, with the three skinny silicone Barbie dolls singing about not being them! I must be the only person on the planet who hadn’t seen or heard the original (Number 1 in 2014!) song, so I sought it out. I was impressed! Yay, Meghan!

      • EcoCatLady

        Ha! Well, you’re worlds ahead of me, since I’ve never even heard of Meghan Trainor! But thanks for posting it – I like it too, though not as much as the jazzy version.

  3. I love music and always wanted to play an instrument. First it was guitar but I was told only boys played guitar, then I asked to learn piano and was told my finger span was too small. Finally, I wanted drums. I already knew the answer to that one but the idea of making music while getting a work out and working through frustrations was something I would have liked. 🙂

    I listen to music a lot of ways. In the morning I turn on Pandora to wake me up. During the day I will put on CDs while cleaning for motivation. Pandora is my main way of listening to music today.

    My preferred music is rock, followed by blues then Native American artists. I still listen to oldies but I learn about new music usually from my kids who share new bands they find with me as I raised them with music instead of television so it’s a family passion.

    • I had opportunities to save to buy and instrument, and lots of time to practice, but there were no teachers in my community able to provide lessons – and it was far before YouTube! I did take guitar lessons for 6 months from a neighbour who played finger-picking style. It was a good experience but I never learned a single chord!

      I have been gradually switching over from iTunes to Spotify but I like having physical copies of my music history. I suppose someday that ability will end.

  4. Ginger R

    I love music. My favorite is Country but I like most kinds of music. I either listen to broadcast radio stations or to purchased music – CDs or downloads. And sometimes I browse YouTube to hear newer artists when they’ve been introduced to me via a television performance.

    When I worked – I had an hour commute. Couldn’t wait to get in the car after work and turn on some tunes. In the mornings I listened to news and shows like NPR and sometimes to music. But in the evenings – I listened and sang music all the way home and into the house.

    These days of my retirement – I’m not listening as much on a daily basis. I sing and hum a lot of music. I do belt out songs and when I do it’s most likely Janis Joplin or Roger Miller or something like American Pie.
    Getting to drive anywhere is an opportunity to listen to my music. I love the XM radio station Willie’s Roadhouse where I can hear old time country music. But I also love my CD collection. It’s mostly Country and older rock like the Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Santana, Elton John, Carly Simon… but I have K.T. Tunstall and Norah Jones and Bonnie Raitt and even Katy Perry for some upbeat happy mood. (Belt out Firework for a mood elevator.)

    On days when I take my Dad (88) to lunch – he will linger in the car and “dance” to the music. He loves the old country music. He needs a walker to get around but he loves music and dancing.

    The music I’ve listened to recently here at home: Eric Clapton – love the song Change the World, Jason Mraz, Willie Nelson’s recent CD – Band of Brothers and Alison Krauss. Oh! And sometimes when I have trouble sleeping – I’ll play Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. I think my music is getting old!

    • Let’s not say old, let’s say classic or timeless 🙂 I can see that music is a big part of your life and it’s a great mood lifter! In the articles I cited, Katy Perry was another artist who cut across all generations. That’s one reason I think pop music has such enduring appeal – obviously it’s popular, and it’s happy and relate-able and social. As I said in a previous post, someday there won’t be much of me left, but the music will always be there.

  5. Well it is the soundtrack of my life after all! I have old favourites who get an airing often, Leonard obviously, REM, Queen, Robert Palmer, Mary Gauthier and a local band, Mad Dog McRea that I’ve enjoyed following for years and years. Then there are the new guys that have only been with me for a little while. I love Passenger’s work so much, the Moulettes, George Ezra, Billy Bragg. The Land of the Giants, a Plymouth Band is a new favourite. I go to live gigs and festivals and the occasional classical concert. We caught a performance of Faure’s requiem at Buckfast Abbey last year. Every so often do that thing on Spotify too where you can create a radio station based on a current favourite. That’s yielded a few gems like the Innocence Mission and Greg Brown. And I actively seek out those snippets of music that grab me that I hear,say, in shops andTV adverts. Ben Cocks’ ‘Curiosity’ was one of those. I first heard Ridan’s ‘Comedie Humaine’ in a French laundrette. That took a bit of tracking down!

    Hope I’ve given you some ideas to try out on the musical journey of your own.

    • I think we are musically two of a kind! I am always discovering new music, and like you, one thing leads to another – concerts, festivals, stumbling across something while travelling, being introduced by a friend, hearing a snippet, following leads on Spotify or YouTube. I recently got the Shazam app – if you point it at music you don’t recognize, it records a bit and tells you what it is! Brilliant.

  6. Fiona

    You’re listening to Courtney Barnett?!! 😀

    Likes? Definitely tend to ‘pub rock’ mostly: Huntters & Collectors, Paul Kelly (both Aussie bands), Elvis Costello, Fischer Z, The Jam, Bob Seger (!), Violent Femmes, U2 and rock that blends into Jazz/Folk: Dylan, some Nick Cave, The Cat Empire (another Aussie band)…

    Dislikes? DUBSTEP!!! (Save me from the 11 year old!)

    We have about 100 albums in total + assorted singles. The collection is ripped and saved on iTunes, so we can listen to it across devices. I listen to it every day, mostly in the car and/or headphones while walking.

    I’m not an active seeker of new music, but I do follow up references from teens at work and my son and friends. I wonder if that’s why there’s a ‘blip’ at age 42 with new music…the influence of parenting teens!

    My music tastes coincide closely with my husband, which is very enjoyable. Sadly, only a term or two of guitar as a kid and learnt the recorder. Really regret not learning an instrument.

    I’ve been listening to Pentatonix a bit (influence of kids from school) and French music. The last thing I watched on YouTube was…classical violin dubstep!

    It’s a former student…and I loved it (and it was at least one way to share the dubstep phenomenon with the 11 year old…!)

    • Fiona, Courtney Barnett is THE indie “It Girl” right now 🙂

      I will have to look up some of your Australian bands; I am definitely lacking in knowledge there.

      I loved your video! Link really likes Eastern European music given a modern treatment, so I will forward it! (We listen to bands like Gogol Bordello together). I like dubstep – I think of it as aggressive video game music – great for workouts!

      Have you seen this? There are some funny parts J might like at 3:24 and 5:05!

      • Fiona

        That video is fantastic!! We had a good laugh! Every day of my life I can be heard saying most of those comments, along with ‘TURN IT DOWN!’ Do I qualify as a ‘parent of teen’ yet?!

        Our ‘classic’ Aussie rock anthems/ballads include things like Hunters & Collectors ‘Holy Grail’, Mark Seymour’s version of ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’. The Cat Empire is more recent & worth a listen!

      • Does J get to tell you to turn your stuff down, too?

        I will look up your music!

      • Fiona

        Yes, he definitely (often!) asks us to change our music or turn it down. I’m happy to do so if it’s so loud that it’s affecting others in the house. At first I thought the Dubstep was just a trend at school. It seems a genuine interest, though O_O

      • Fiona

        I have gone down the rabbit hole this morning on You Tube with Courtney Barnett. She is so, so ‘Melbourne’. Loving it but I’m still a little amazed that she’s had such reach.

      • Just to weigh in here – can’t stand the accent of Courtnery Barnett anymore – she was a featured artist for a week on Triple J, it was too much for me.

        I don’t like trance (BF’s fave) and so he’s totally perplexed that I don’t mind a little dubstep. Weird huh? Sorry Fiona!

      • The accent – hmm, that reminds me when Lily Allen was a new artist, some didn’t like her accent. I think the belief was that she had a put-on, exaggerated Cockney accent. Is that what you mean about Courtney Barnett? There are no other Australian artists on the air now so I can’t compare. I don’t know if there are strong regional accents and rivalries in Australia?

    • Fiona, I share most of your favs, except Nick Cave. Too much a try hard for me!

      Dar, I think I stopped buying or acquiring music when my first ipod died, about the same time my unbacked up computer died. We did rip from the iPod back onto our new computer, but I just lost motivation. I do miss looking at album covers and reading all the lyrics the first dozen times you played an album. I don’t listen when walking, preferring silence and my own thoughts. Sometimes I think of a song I haven’t heard for ages or one I love and play it via YouTube. Currently putting The Loved One by The Loved Ones, the original, not the INXS copy. And Rattlesnakes by Lloyd Cole on repeatedly.

      • Will have to look up your songs. I have a little project this year listening to all the Beatles albums on reissued CDs while reading the liner notes. I wonder if YouTube is the #1 music mechanism now?

      • Great project. I found listening to actual albums rather than best ofs , that there were many songs by the Beatles I didn’t know, and some I didn’t like. If I never heard When I’m 64 again, I wouldn’t be sad.

  7. If anyone is in an age of discovery please give me a try 🙂 on Spotify:

    I listen to all kinds of music on the radio but when I search directly for what I want to listen I’m a bit focused in Two Steps from Hell and Hans Zimmer at the moment. I wish I could create music like them!

    • More than happy to recommend, Blitzwood. Listening now! If anyone can’t access Spotify, try the blog:
      Orchestral/electronic theme music?
      Later I will go listen to some Two Steps from Hell.

      • Well, I can’t really just focus in one style but I think your description is accurate enough.
        If anyone doesn’t use Spotify I have songs on Youtube too, but I usually prefer spotify’s presentation and how it can be used with blogging.

  8. Good post. I have very eclectic tastes in music, but do not like formulaic music as much as once the “pop” gimmick fizzles, it does not stand the test of time. I also like purposeful wordsmithing and real musicians playing on songs and the depth of sound – Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers, Steely Dan, U2. Bob Seger, Heart, Styx, Rush, etc. Of current artists, Pink has more robust songs that cross a spectrum, even though she would be considered pop. Also check out Alabama Shakes and Joe Bonomassa. Plus, there is a female Norwegian band called Katzenjammer, that sings its songs in English and play sixteen instruments between them – they play unlike any band in the US. Thanks for letting me opine.

    • Ah, Pink, there is another artist that people of all ages are known to like!

      I don’t think many pop ALBUMS stand the test of time, but pop SINGLES sure do – most people remember what was happening in their lives when certain big hits were playing – everything from “She Loves You” to “Umbrella”!

      I like both Alabama Shakes (shown in the feature photo on the blog home page for this post) and Joe Bonomassa! Thanks for the heads up on Katzenjammer!

      I like your term wordsmithing – a weakness of mine, too.

  9. I’m all over the map – I broadly listen in the following categories:
    Jazz vocal -American songbook (every Ella Fitzgerald record ever recorded, plus other classic singers including contemporary-a weakness for Jonathan Schwartz since he was a rock DJ in the 70’s).
    African and African diaspora pop (Amadou and Miriam, Orchestra Beobab)
    Philip Glass and a few contemporary ensembles (Alarm Will Sound) – live whenever possible
    Balkan, Klezmer, Greek dance music (Slavic Soul Party)
    Contemporary folk (WFUV New York) and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival are my sources
    I have about 2000 LP or CD but I probably only keep 100 in active rotation.
    Donna is a chamber music and opera person, so we do a lot of that – not sure if I would do it on my own, but I enjoy going with her – we often listen to Schubert, Brahms, or Beethoven together.

    • Fantastic range, Jamie! Just this week there was a radio talk program about the American Songbook and I was intrigued. I have mostly heard only Canadian contemporary jazz interpreters like Diana Krall, Holly Cole and Molly Johnson. I have heard basic introductory material from Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. I have a lot to learn. Luckily I know quite a bit of music from earlier eras from my dad.

      I like Klezmer and Eastern European music generally; I was saying in another comment that is a particular interest of Link’s. We went to see SSP when they played here a few years ago!

      I am not familiar with opera music, and I only go to the symphony about once a year – to the baroque shows! This year our symphony is focusing on the very most popular compositions (no doubt to gain new listeners) so I will be going more.

  10. I went for the ‘I have music on the background but don’t really listen to it’ option on the quiz…which is partly true…I listen to music on the radio (when I am not listening to Radio 4) as I like to have a vague idea what is in the charts, and maybe hear something I like enough to buy. I have (according to iTunes) 15GB of music/3079 songs- I listen to all of my music digitally, either on the walk to work on my iPod (which also has a radio, so actually I listen to the radio more) or very occasionally via a docking station at home.

    At work we have relaxing background music on…to give you an idea, one of the CDs we have is this:
    I definitely zone this out, we had the same CD on for about a year and I didn’t get bored of it! I suppose I am focussing on customers etc in the shop, rather than the music. Actually, my zoning out skills are pretty sophisticated, I was pretty much the only person who could ignore this man playing opposite the shop and not get annoyed by his ‘music’:

    I feel that I hardly ever listen to music…I think I am contrasting my current habits with 10-15 years ago (teenager/uni) when I listened to music a lot- especially in the pre-MP3 age when I would get a CD and listen to it until I knew it off by heart. Now I have too much choice and don’t get as familiar with songs, and don’t listen to albums in the same way. I miss those days!

    I find it a bit hard to say what music I like and dislike, as a) my taste is quite varied I think and b) I don’t really know what the different genres are called! My first albums were the Spice Girls ones (me and my friends spent hours doing the dances/making up dances to the first album) and my first single was Pretty Fly for a White Guy by the Offspring. I also vividly remember getting the Verve Urban Hymns album and Garbage’s album 2.0.

    As for now…well, I thought it would be easiest to press ‘random’ and ‘play’ on iTunes and write down what it played whilst I was writing this…

    Massive Attack- Sly
    Rolling Stones- Let’s Spend the Night Together
    Wheatus- Sunshine
    Tori Amos- Professional Widow
    Elbow- Audience with the Pope
    Mavericks- Dance the Night Away
    Eminem- Shake That (tempted to skip as not keen on it, though I do like Eminem)
    Stereophonics- Half the Lies You Tell Ain’t True
    Sigur Ros- Seaglopur
    Kooks- Naive
    I’m not sure how to categorise that list?!

    I also like Coldplay, the Fratellis, Muse, Faithless, Lady Gaga…

    The most recent music I have acquired is this album:
    I say acquired, as she actually gave me her CD, so I didn’t buy it…before that my friend gave me a voucher and I bought Horse’s Brawl self titled album, the Black Keys and Fleet Foxes albums. That was probably a couple of years ago though! I am contemplating buying the George Ezra album, James Bay’s album and the Hozier’s album (for this song- best illustrated by this video…

    I sing quite a lot- but I can’t sing well, and what I sing is nonsense songs to/about the cats to the ‘tune’ of whatever song has got into my head that day.
    I did start to learn the acoustic guitar when I was about 10; when I was at upper school I learned to play the trumpet. I was never very good at it, but I could read music, so when I was in Stage Band I helped my much more talented friend Carl who could play but not read music. The best thing we played was a version of this:

    My boyfriend and I have some overlap in musical taste- he would call some of the bands I like ‘whiny indy nonsense’ or something similar! My mum is really into Elton John (not my thing!) but I much preferred my dad’s taste- the Stones and Queen 🙂

    I am amazed at how much I have to say about music…given that I think I am not really into it…time to stop!

    • Thanks for the ballet video! omg Nicola, the first time I heard the Hozier song I actually thought it was Elton John; you must hear the similarity!! Your mom must love it. It was pretty hard for me to find any of the harp music online but I gave it a go. I like Black Keys and I think James Bay’s songs are very romantic.

      From your iTunes list I could only say you are somewhat 90s-leaning? But that is a simplification.

      The Benny Goodman song is awesome!

      • NicolaB

        I don’t think the harp album sold that much/enough for it to still be around several years later. It’s not what I usually listen to but is beautiful.

        I don’t hear the similarity to Elton John…as I love the Hoziers song I now feel I should give Elton a chance 😉 actually, I did like the song he sang on the Lion King Soundtrack (which I pretty much know by heart..the soundtrack that is!) Actually, I think Elton John wrote the soundtrack…

        I think the 1990s were my formative musical years 😉 I do feel a bit like my musical taste is stuck in the past though, which is a bit sad considering I am only 29! 🙂

      • I think unless we listen to contemporary radio or actively seek out new music, there is no choice but to be stuck in the past. Sometimes it’s good there 🙂

      • NicolaB

        I heard this on the radio this evening and liked it:

        Maybe there is hope that my musical taste can move out of the 90s?! (Though that track is quite punk-y sounding to me…so not that modern?!)

      • Nicola, that was awesome! I went and listened to all their videos on YouTube, very retro-punk aggressive. Not many like that around! (I liked the heavy dancey groove behind their songs).

      • NicolaB

        They have an album out at the start of June, which I may purchase…

  11. Megyn

    I feel like my taste in music has evolved over the years, but I’ve never been a big fan of mainstream music. When my peers were obsessed with boy bands, I was into No Doubt, Save Ferris, and a myriad of other ska-punk bands. It helped that my brother was really into music and allowed me to borrow his CD’s. I still enjoy some good ska-punk, but I’m definitely in an indie phase. We had this amazing station here in Austin that played a wide array of indie music, but it just recently changed to mainstream. I’m really digging Run the Jewels, K. Flay, Alt-J, Bear Hands, Sufjan Stevens, and Milo Greene.

    As a side note, I grew up listening to musicals, Billy Joel, Simon & Garfunkel, etc. My parents always had music playing. Oddly, my hubby’s parents never had music playing in the house growing up. I don’t know how to survive a day without listening to music!

    • I can’t imagine a house without music playing, either! I liked the boy bands from my day but I outgrew that phase in about 2 years and moved on to rock music. I find it very strange now that women who liked boy bands, such as New Kids or the Backstreet Boys, often still like that kind of music! But, whatever brings pleasure. No need for one’s musical tastes to be serious.

      I got to see Milo Greene in NYC; they opened for Bombay Bicycle Club.

  12. What music do you like and dislike?
    I like most ‘popular’ music – so I mainly listen to the radio. I do prefer slightly left of centre radio, even left in political leanings 😉 But I love ‘soft’ rock, nothing too hard, like Matchbox 20. I think you could say I also like Indie Rock but I’m not even sure what that means!

    How do you listen to music?
    Mainly in the car, driving, and then I sing out aloud if I wanna or when I’m trying to block out noise whilst working and I use earphones as that was customary in past offices. I generally find ear buds of head phones annoying after a while. My current office, everyone seems to have a little radio on their desk. Curse the constant talk back – music I could handle, even if it was classical!

    When do you listen to music?
    I mainly listen when driving. When the BF isn’t home, I’ll put the radio on. When I lived alone, it also lived on (when I was home) and neighbours noticed!! I prefer it for background to TV. I don’t have a preference to run/walk with music, which perplexes BF. I sometimes do it, but it’s not a usual thing.

    Do you listen to any new music, and if so, where do you find it?
    As I listen to a ‘youthful’ radio station, I hear new music, and they have a sister station solely for unsigned music. Look it up – it’s called Triple J unearthed.

    Do you buy music?
    Never. I used to ‘steal’ it, but now I listen to a radio. Very occasionally I’ll youtube if a certain song is on my mind or want to hear it.

    Do you sing or make music?
    Both BF and I were cellists, and I was also a trombone player, in school. Now, I have no interest (as I wasn’t good!). I don’t sing other than to myself or in church. I’m not in the highly esteemed church choir, so my youth is confusing (most youth are choristers!)

    How do your musical tastes compare to your family and friends?
    My parents have always been radio listeners, always on (though more talk back of the left wing variety now). Dad has the latest Bose speakers, and will play his music when we’re having dinner. My little brother (elder of the two) is a HUGE fan, mainly hip hop and rap, and I have to say I quite like that music too, but I’m self conscious about liking ‘black’ music, a legacy of school and some bullying.

    Tell me some songs or artists you’ve listened to lately.
    Skip – this comment is already too long and none come to mind!

    • I didn’t remember you had played cello!

      Anyone who didn’t like or strongly prefer Black music here would be considered suspect!

      I will check out Triple J!

      You went to see Rudimental last year, right?

      • I did! (Re:Ruidmentals)

        Meanwhile, I like Lily Allen, but Courtney Barnett is just too raw for me. There’s no real regionality with accents – some words vary state to state (like, swimwear was called togs in QLD and cossies in NSW, but there are some generally used ones like swimmers). Back to accents – Adelaide and South Australia have a more English lilt. My mother’s family is from there, and sometimes I’m called on for the way I pronounce words like dance/France etc.

  13. gk

    I enjoy listening to anything aside from country and there are even select country songs I can tolerate. My favourite music is, of course, the soundtrack of my youth – 60s and 70s rock and given the choice it’s what I’ll listen to. I usually set my iPod to play randomly and get Doris Day, Pachelbel, B.Spears, Zevon, Boston pops… all of which can be jarring so I really should make an effort to make playlists…
    Played the piano until I was in my teens and then stopped (regret), took up the acoustic guitar at 50 and it is sloooow going, but still fun!

    • I’ve never got into the habit of playing “random;” too jarring – I could be going from ABBA to Metallica! Maybe that’s why I like playing albums straight through. Are you learning a method or style on acoustic? Hopefully, unlike me, you will end up being able to play actual songs.

  14. interesting post and even interesting answers. Love music, have done all my life. Would have loved to be able to sing in tune!!! Tone deaf as they say.

    Used to buy lots and lots of “singles and albums” back in the day. Although born in the mid sixties, I love 50’s music, but then I love all sorts of music from modern to classical.

    I will often listen to music on the tv (Stingray with Bell Vibe) and have it on the 50’s channel. in the car I think it’s CHUM FM which is a mix of everything.

    I do prefer to hear the words in a song, so screaming into a microphone isn’t my cup of tea. My love of music is constantly changing and evolving over time, just like learning and to my mind that is a good thing, as Martha would say!

  15. Great post! I definitely think my musical tastes have expanded as I’ve got older (when I was a teenager it was rock and roll ONLY). These days I mostly listen to the radio (with stations programmed from classical and pop to country and Spanish). Oddly enough I used to sing but not in English, only Tagalog, a language I didn’t even understand. One night at a friend’s nightclub people were singing in Tagalog (Filipino) and since I can easily memorize any song phonetically, I jumped up on stage and belted out some song to stunned silence (I was the only white person in the club and probably the only white person they had ever heard sing in their language). After that I pretty much sang at Filipino parties and nightclubs for fun and to shock people!

  16. My musical tastes are broad but for specific genres my favorite are rock (indie-rock, math rock, punk rock) and (old) country music. These days I exclusively listen to music via Spotify which I pay for. It is odd not owning any new music but it’s great discovering new music. I don’t own a car so I don’t have the radio to hear new songs. I have no idea what’s popular “in the charts.” But I have been able to find new artists via spotify.

    I listen to music sometimes at work and sometimes on the subway but mostly at home. I have a sweet home entertainment system so I like to take advantage of the set-up. I can stream Spotify through my tv via the Roku and play it out the receiver – it sounds great. I have really good headphones (not Beats lol) but they are almost too good when I’m at work and I can’t hear anything else. Not good for when someone is trying to get my attention.

    Other than Spotify I haven’t purchased music since CDs were in fashion. I still have a lot of my old ones though I hardly have a way to play them now. For whatever reason, my siblings and their children aren’t into music much at all. My parents loved country music but no one played an instrument or anything like that. I’ve taken guitar and violin lessons – I could maybe play a little bit today but never do. I can still read music though.

    Lately I’ve been listening to instrumental bands like Dianogah and This Will Destroy You. Also hip-hop like Ground Up. Classics like Buddy Holly. And old country like Reba. I have a whole slew of playlists like “summer songs” and “random songs from the 2000’s” so I listen to those types of mixes a lot.

    I’m on spotify as lintacious!

    • Hey, I like This Will Destroy You and other post-rock bands, too. I know you listen to music and see a lot of shows. I will find you on Spotify! I used to share a paid account with Rom but lately I’ve been using my own account on the free version to see what it will recommend for me.

  17. It’s hard to say… I have such a range of musical tastes. I like pop and rock music but I also like showtunes and heavy metal. I like country, contemporary, folk, hip hop, rap, etc. I guess out of the bunch, the only music that I more seldomly listen to is trance and EDM music right now.

    • Just curious, AP, would you say you are just a music fan (almost any kind of music) or that you like the way certain kinds of music make you feel (happy, hopeful, etc?) For myself, I don’t listen to a lot of singer-songwriter music if the mood is downbeat; I just don’t want to go there.

  18. Debbie V.

    What music do you like and dislike? I like music that evokes memories and feelings. This includes rock and pop oldies of my generation (I was born in 1951) and my daughter’s (she was born in 1985.)

    How do you listen to music? Mostly in the car while driving but also on my desktop at work.

    When do you listen to music? Driving and working at the computer.

    Do you listen to any new music, and if so, where do you find it? I subscribe to Google music and they will add new-to-me music when I tell it to create a playlist or a radio station from a particular song, artist or album.

    Do you buy music? Yes I subscribe to Google music and still buy CDs and some digital music.

    Do you sing or make music? My voice is very limited. I own a piano and used to play all the time but not lately.

    How do your musical tastes compare to your family and friends? I have picked up a lot of new music from my daughter (Enya, Sarah Brightman, Josh Groban, Soundtracks from movies and musicals like Phantom of the Opera). I also enjoyed listening to my parents music when I visited them – Perry Como, Andy Williams, 101 Strings, etc.

    Tell me some songs or artists you’ve listened to lately. My favorite album for the past year has been Disney’s Animal Kingdom – music from Animal Kingdom Park.
    I’ve also enjoyed the group 2002 for over a decade and play their songs often when I de-stress.
    My favorite Christmas album is Christmas Portrait by the Carpenters and my favorite album from my parents’ collection is The Scene Changes by Perry Como. I listen to both periodically.
    Oldies-wise I love Eagles, Moody Blues, Boston, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Jackson Browne and of course the Beatles, especially George Harrison.

    • Thanks for commenting. I love hearing about everyone’s life in music! You have given me lots to look up. I will definitely check out the Animal Kingdom recording. I also feel nostalgic about music Link used to listen to, and I still like it (such as theme songs from anime series).

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