In May

Our snow had only just melted by May 1! Needless to say, Spring was more than a month delayed. Cool weather continued and flowers were excruciatingly slow to appear. On the plus side, I was able to do a month’s worth of yard and garden work with no bugs and no sunburn! It was good to finally see soil and grass again:) Meanwhile, I was into birdwatching for a while – the only flashes of colour. None of our neighbours have feeders out, so we scored big! 

At work, four months of collective bargaining concluded with an accepted offer. Negotiating a contract was an eye-opening experience. I enjoyed the teamwork and strategizing. I feel very lucky to work in a mostly collaborative union-management workplace.

Rom’s birthday is in May. I tried to do a combination of expected and surprise gifts. We went out for dinner at a nice Greek place (not the local Greek diner which we also like) and then down the street for cheesecake, a rare treat.

Two more family occasions in May: For Mother’s Day, my mom and the rest of my family were over for dinner, and although I don’t often bake, I was happy that my rhubarb upside-down cake turned out well. For my nephew’s birthday, we all got together again for Chinese food.

As usual, I got carried away by clothes shopping for my upcoming vacation! I’m bad that way – I skimp on everyday outfits and splurge on holiday clothes. It must be because when I’m travelling, I have more time to get ready for each day (compared to work days), I am less self-conscious about what strangers think of my appearance (so I try more new looks) and I know there will be lots of photos!

As you know, I never wear skirts or dresses at home but I am not opposed to them on vacation; I suppose I feel more like I can inhabit a role, and no one will comment or make a fuss. So I bought a sundress (after giving away my last one, which got exactly one wear) and I bought another skort (I have a bit of a weakness for those.) Since our trip would include 48 hours in Paris and I always try not to look like a tourist (!!), I bought a pair of flats and a pair of sandals, and didn’t bring any sneakers. But high heels are beyond me.

I’ve been composing this over a few days in the English countryside with no Internet access, and have just found a connection I can very briefly tap into, so I will reply to any comments when we get back into the city! 


  1. Sounds like you are have a good time πŸ™‚ I also bought a lot of clothes – inexpensive – for our trip to Walt Disney World this past April. Now I am wearing them everyday as well and the great thing is when I put on a knit top I wore in a picture there – I have these great memories to go along with the top πŸ™‚
    I haven’t worn a dress in over a decade, maybe two – even to my parents’ funerals I wore black dress pants. The same goes for shoes with heels higher than an inch – I prefer flat shoes or sandals. Luckily where I work that is the norm. I’ve thought a sundress might be a good idea lately though or what we used to call a “shift” – just a simple cotton dress that hangs from the shoulders, kind of like a nightgown only out of different fabric.

  2. Lovely to hear you are in UK but weather hasn’t been the best for you lately. I am along the coast in Hampshire and looking forward to a warmer weekend according to the forecasts. Enjoy the rest of your stay Dar.

  3. I hope you’re having a lovely time abroad! With not too much rain too – I know that UK tends to rain every day in the spring.

  4. Fi

    Hope you are enjoying the end of winter…I remember how beautiful June was when we were in London last year – it was even hot! A great end to the collective bargaining, I am sure you handled the intricacies with aplomb. Nice that Rom can visit family soon after his birthday!

    • Thanks, Fiona. The weather at home was sunny but cool when we left home, and it has been the same here so far, but everything is much greener. We have two more days in our Sussex village, and then it’s off to London and Paris!

  5. We had a couple weeks of spring weather at the very end of May, but then it cooled off this past week and I was back to wearing sweaters and hoodies. The cool weather is comfortable at least πŸ™‚

    I usually prefer to wear pants as well. Glad to hear you’re enjoying them in your travels! I’ve been wearing a lot of skirts/dresses the past few weeks (probably 2-3x a week when normally it’s maybe once a month) because they’re so comfy for my pregnant belly. I’m enjoying all the good natured teasing that has come with it!

    • Ack, I remember maternity clothes and trying to look dignified at work but it was a losing battle πŸ™‚ I also ended up wearing things completely unlike my usual style, for the comfort. So far I have been visiting in the countryside, and I look forward to flexing my wardrobe more for the “city” part of vacation.

  6. England!! I am so excited that I will be there this weekend! What is the weather like!? I am about to do a big clothes shop – thinking of just buying a load of thin maxi dresses that I can pack easily?

    • The weather has been quite cool. Some days get up to a sunny 17, but the mornings and evenings are chilly. Just like home in Canada, really! So I will have to recommend a couple of warmer outfits. You won’t care about the weather after being away from family for so long!

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