My Watch Collection

…or, my future watch collection. I currently “only” have 3:

I always want to know what time it is, and I don’t carry a phone on me. I am actually really good at estimating the time from the light outside. But I need exactitude for my schedule-heavy work. You might guess that librarians can be clock-driven!

I always had just one watch at a time, typically a $40 department store, all-purpose watch that I wore with everything. Over the past couple of years I have noticed watches more and more in stores and in magazines, and I’ve become, well, kind of obsessed with them.

Movado Museum Watch $550 CDN

Movado Museum Watch $550 CDN

Way, way back, I saw a Movado Museum watch and thought if I ever had just one classic watch, that would be it. I decided I would buy myself one when I retired from work. But looking at them recently, I see they only come in traditional Big Men’s or Small Women’s sizes. Maybe by the time I retire in 15 years, they will make a medium sized unisex watch? Or maybe I will decide I don’t need to wear a watch then…

After much thought, I have decided that a collection of 6 watches would be just right for me.

  • Something silver tone and something gold tone, to mix with any jewellery I might wear, and to go with cool colours and warm colours.
  • One with a black strap and one with a brown strap, to go with the two colour groups (of clothes) that I wear
  • And two funky colourful ones  that could possibly come and go with the trends

As you see, I now have a silver tone watch, a yellow playful one, and a watch with a black strap (someday to be replaced by that Movado).

I could just run out and complete my collection, but what would be the fun in that? Through browsing, I have discovered two watch trends:

Fossil rose gold $135 US

Fossil rose gold $135 US

1. Rose Gold (gold alloy with copper). OK, these have been popular for a few years, but I didn’t notice!

Etsy @ missvirgouk, $21 CDN

Etsy @ missvirgouk, $21 CDN

2. Charm watches – watch faces that are part of bracelets with charms, beads, knots, etc.

I have a long laundry list of likes and dislikes in watches:

  • Don’t need Apple Watch; not big on chasing down notifications!
  • Prefer analogue because I can tell time like that 🙂
  • No numbers. Or as few as possible. Markers OK. Maybe Roman numerals.
  • Minimalist design
  • No bling (diamonds, crystals)
  • No need for chronograph or any kind of sports watch features (I will still get a Fitbit some day!)
  • Brand names fine, but won’t be collecting 6 designer watches

I have stopped wearing a brown leather cuff watch because it has a lot of studs on it and it looks very dated, something like this but tackier:

Timex cuff watch $100 US, my cheaper version was $30

Timex cuff watch $100 US, my cheaper version was $30

I am debating getting a more classic watch with a brown band. Maybe one of these two:

Nixon watch 37 mm, $125 US

Nixon watch 37 mm, $125 US, note the rose gold

We-Wood Moon Brown (32 mm wooden watch) $125 US, cheaper on Amazon

We-Wood Moon Brown (32 mm wooden watch) $125 US, cheaper on Amazon

As far as gold tone goes, I could do classic or retro (which is which?)

Casio Retro $40 CDN

Casio Digital $40 CDN

Timex $265 CDN

Timex $265 CDN

And finally, the combo fun/classic/colourful watch I am pining for right now is this one!

Mondaine Evo Swiss Railway 26 mm $240 US also available 40 mm

Mondaine Evo Swiss Railway 26 mm $240 US also available 40 mm

Tell me I am not the only one who is fond of watches! I like them even more now that they are archaic. This is not a sponsored post.


  1. I have one gold tone guess watch I got sometime in high school (so at least 13 years ago). I only wear it when flying, and even then, with smart phones on ‘flight mode’ sometimes I forget it.

    My mother, however…. I will do a post on her watches. Oh my, she has a few. Makes great gifts for us kids. I have got her two in recent times, one from an inflight magazine and one from a MOMA or similar museum store offshot in Sydney. Both she’s loved!!

  2. I have a few watches, but never wear them… they’re expensive so I really should. They were gifts from my sister, but I don’t really wear any jewelry except my wedding rings, and that’s only when I go out even. lol! I do love that we-wood watch! How cool is that!?

    • Hi Carla, I mostly don’t think of a watch as jewellery, just something functional, and never go out without one. I wear earrings but tend to forget about other jewellery. I was surprised by how many wood watches are available!

  3. I wore a watch daily in 5th grade . . not sure why I didn’t continue that in 6th grade, but I haven’t worn a watch since. I don’t wear bracelets either because I’ve come to prefer bare wrists. Less in my way for writing/typing, I guess. But I do love how watches look! My favorites are the traditional, plain silver ones or neon ones like your Ice Watch (mine would be hot pink!).

  4. Cheryl

    I love all the watches that Fossil makes and rather fond of the big funky Betsy Johnson watches. Needless to say, I never wear one anymore. I now get a rash where it sits on my wrist.

    • I am a Fossil fan too (love their bags / don’t own one though). Betsy Johnson is too bold for me but I admire people who pull off her look! I was noticing that the wood watches are all natural, nontoxic and hypoallergenic (unless someone reacts to particular woods).

  5. I have always had a soft spot for fossil wide leather cuff watches but that Movado has me rethinking my life choices.

  6. Fiona

    Now that watches are less common I really notice when people are wearing one. They’re beautiful and a real reflection of people’s style. I like that often there’s a story behind them (gift, or inherited.) I definitely wouldn’t want notifications on my wrist either – a nightmare!

    I haven’t worn a watch since about 2004. I love them but keep thinking it’s ‘one more thing’ and ‘a Unitasker’ compared to a Smartphone. However, I do get sick of electronics ruling my life and I can really see the appeal of a beautiful, yet functional piece like a watch.

    • I had to carry a Blackberry for work for about 6 years, actually clipped to myself or carried around, and it was impossible to make it look like a fashion accessory; it was always in the way. Now that burden has been lifted from me and I always keep my phone out of sight. Very happy to wear a low-tech watch. At least until I get a fitness band, LOL!

  7. Although Ive never worn a watch, hubby has dozens of them. He doesnt, however, have a wooden one like you have in the picture and that style looks pretty cool so that might end up on his gift list. The Casio digital is a real throw-back–I didnt even know they still made those! And the charm watch is really nice looking, definitely something to add to your collection!

    • Rom has a lot more watches than me, including one of those Casios (new, they are still being made). If anyone I knew wore a charm watch, I would say it was cute, but it’s not my style – I like really simple designs.

  8. Donna

    I have that movado watch in silver with pink face. Absolutely love it. I’m one who feels like something is missing if I don’t have my watch on. My Mom always loved watches with big faces and chunky and seemed to pull off the look. I figure wear what makes you smile.

  9. I love watches – design, mechanism, form and beauty. What’s not to love?

    Think I’d pick different ones from you. I like precision so need numbers. And my eye sight is fading so need BIG numbers. I also forget the day and the date so like a watch with them but I can’t see most on a ladies watch. Im currently wearing a man’s watch.

    I used to wear watches more frequently, before mobile phones.

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