What I Wore (Summer Work Edition)

Since I’ve been working on building a smaller and more functional wardrobe, I thought I’d show you a week of summer work outfits. If you asked my co-workers, they would say I dressed up a little more than usual! Our summer is so short, I try to get some wear out of my T-shirts and lighter weight garments, but I am always shivering in the air conditioning. This week I worked from Tuesday to Saturday.




Fuchsia short-sleeve fleece and white T with gathered neckline (both from Reitmans), navy linen pants (Banana Republic), black croc shoes




Shirt Detail

Shirt Detail

Semi-sheer shirt, colour between burgundy and brown, with pin-tucks (Lord and Taylor, thrifted); dark brown jeans (Mark’s Work Wearhouse), brown monk strap shoes




Collared T-shirt – I would say the colour is vermilion (from Mark’s) – with beige pants (Banana Republic) – actual colour probably “stone,” brown shoes, darker beige cardigan not shown




Black cardigan and ocean blue T (Reitmans), navy skort (Mark’s), black oxfords




Ocean blue short sleeve fleece (Jacob), striped T (Kangol), jeans (Silver), Converse sneakers – for working a casual outdoor event

Because I seem to have cut off my feet in all the pix, this is what my shoes look like! Sandals are out of the question in the office, brrr! I am on the lookout for some dressier shoes, especially in brown, but it is useless trying to find any in the summer.

This week's shoes

This week’s shoes

If anyone has ideas on how to put together outfits in different ways, with items similar to these, please let me know!


  1. tess

    the vivienne files are fun to browse for varied color combinations, usually with a scarf to fancy things up

  2. You really are quite fit, really great outfits too.

  3. Fiona

    All of those colours really suit you and the cut of each outfit as well – you look very fit! Scarves are very big at the moment for changing the look a bit, both summer and winter, though I struggle to wear them neatly. The necklace also makes a striking difference to that outfit. I notice the changing watches across the week as well!

    Would you bring out your Paris dress for work, with a cardigan? I wear pants (trousers) most of the time as well but it feels good to break it up with an occasional dress.

    • Thanks, Fiona. I really have to figure out how to wear scarves with outfits. I actually have lots of them! Glad you noticed the watches. Ever since I looked up watch photos on Google for the post, I have been bombarded with ads for watches all across the web, and since they were all watches I really like, the ads are wearing me down, LOL! (but I am being good so far)

      No, I wouldn’t wear the dress to work; none of us wear dresses. It would send a message that I don’t plan to do any physical work that day (pushing book carts, stacking book bins, etc.) A skirt is OK because the ones we wear at work tend to be heavy fabrics like denim that can take some abuse.

      PS I felt quite crushed that I couldn’t comment on your last post; it is not an obligation – honest 🙂

      • Fiona

        Lol thank you – but I still feel like all those numbers are too deathly dull to discuss! I think Sarah and I both would like to see the dress again! They’re such a mainstay of wardrobes here. But I must admit I was surprised how much heavy lifting there was in my old library job. Moving book bays (re-shelving) was seriously hard work. Can’t believe it’s been 18 months since I finished my library job!

  4. I agree with Fiona, I think sometimes, on a mainly sedentary day, your dress would pass for work. Does it feel too formal? Or is it a case that the work air con is too arctic!?

    I think summer means more comfy and more casual clothes, which is nice, cause as you know, it gets hella hot here! I’ve never mastered beige/stone pants for work, and the BF doesn’t like them, so now I have none, but again, I never felt it was business-y enough (I think khaki’s are a very US thing actually!).

    i think I liked your Friday outfit the most, and largely cause I think it’s the closest to what I might wear.

    • Yeah, I would really stand out if I wore a dress to work – too formal, and also way too cold! But I have been thinking about someone at work who wears skirts in a funky way with lots of layers and I may give it a try for a non-work occasion.

      I felt girly on Friday especially with the beads!

  5. Juhli

    I think you look great in those colors and outfits. I used Pinterest to find different ways to combine what I own this summer. Put in “beige pants outfits women” or “coral shirt outfits women” etc. and see what pops up.

  6. What a great idea! Love that super bright shirt on Thursday 🙂 I’m a little jealous that you can dress so casually at work! I don’t have any suggestions for you – most of my outfits are super simple. My go-to is solid color on top, solid color on bottom. I might get a little crazy with a print on my yoga pants or break out the stripes every once in a while, but that’s really about it.

  7. Love your style! It looks comfy yet professional and well put together. Nice!

  8. I love the fuschia top. I think you can mix and match all the items. You could also wear button tops open over a t-shirt like a jacket.

    My mother would say polish your shoes! And she is kid of on the right track. Shoes change an outfit from hip to lounge around casual.

    That’s my ten cent worth!

  9. That’s my kind of wardrobe, but probably just a wee bit too casual for my work.

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