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The Asian Pear tagged me to participate in a fun round of questions. Here are my answers!

I have climbed more stairs because of Fitbit but you won't catch me running!

I have climbed more stairs because of Fitbit but you won’t catch me running!

What’s the best thing you’ve purchased or been given in the past six months?

Definitely the Fitbit: not only is it motivating, but it provides me with endless statistics!

Mmm, locally made kettle corn! (well, photo is from Virginia! from

Mmm, locally made kettle corn! (well, photo is from Virginia! from

What’s your favorite snack? (No one gets to say fruit.)

The snack I make the most is popcorn on the stovetop, with olive oil. But yesterday I was at a community fair and came home with a huge bag of kettle corn (which has both sugar and salt): heaven! My snack weakness is chewy fruit-flavoured candy, everything from strawberry Twizzlers to Jelly Bellies to Skittles.

Oh Jillian, why do you do this to us? (thanks to source listed)

Oh Jillian, why do you do this to us? (thanks to source listed)

What form of exercise do you hate the most. (“All” is a perfectly acceptable answer.)

I recently started doing fitness DVDs and found out I hate jumping jacks! Otherwise, I am jealous of runners because of all their PRs and stats, but I hate running and don’t even really “approve” of it. I know so many people who have trained correctly but still had serious and even permanent injuries. No thanks!

A condo complex I am currently admiring

A condo complex I am currently admiring

If you could afford/manage to live anywhere, where would it be?

During my working life (for many years to come), I want to stay in my current city. Sometimes I dream about living downtown in an expensive condo. In real life, I couldn’t do it, even if I sold all my assets. But my fantasy is going out for late nights and walking home to a stylish apartment with a harbour view! I don’t picture myself moving anywhere else, but (in a post-work fantasy) maybe spending six months in Toronto (CAN) or London (UK) whenever I feel like it!

Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro

Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro

What’s the geekiest hobby or pastime you have?

I am more a nerd than a geek – I like stats, math and science. I have read books about particle physics “for fun.” But on the geek side, I love LEGO! I have cosplayed at anime cons a couple of times with Link. I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki and buy all their movies on DVD. Long live Totoro and the Cat Bus!

I invite you to answer the same questions in the comments, or if you blog, to answer them in a post!


  1. I love lego too 🙂 I also collect other toys that I keep I big storage tubs to bring to school with me but secretly I just love them!

  2. EcoCatLady

    Ha! OK… I’m dying to know the precise difference between “geek” and “nerd!”

    Gosh… I think the best thing I’ve bought recently were my Louis Garneau bike shorts – seriously, they’re like the Cadillac of bike shorts! I too love popcorn and hate running as well as jumping jacks – WAY too much bouncing! And if I money were no object I’d love to live up in the foothills of Denver… at least I think I would. Maybe not so much in the winter time! And my geekiest hobby is also my living – web programming… though truth be told I probably wouldn’t do it if I were independently wealthy and didn’t need to make a living!

  3. Fiona

    I’m also intrigued by the difference between nerd and geek!

    I can imagine you having a great city life with events and music, then walking back to a city apartment! I am glad running to hear running described as something not to be ‘approved’!

    I think often about where I’ d live if money were no object. Probably still in my current city, but I would definitely build again, this time with full solar power, water tanks, double-glazing and ‘universal design’ access.

  4. Jocelyne

    I recently watched The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness on Netflix. I didn’t think I could love Miyazaki any more…but I do! He’s so great.

  5. No wonder you like the Fitbit. But, not much data on jumping jacks, huh? I like the popcorn with Olive oil idea. I need to try that.

  6. Nice!

    Hmmm worst exercise – I used to say running, but I got over that (the key was to SLOW down!!!)

    If I could live anywhere – half a year in Paris and half a year in New York – maybe thirds with Sydney, cause being the other hemisphere I’d get some summer 😉

    • Yeah – between Paris and New York, you’d see a lot of grey skies – and neither city is at its best in high summer (with respect to odours and cleanliness) – so I bet some Sydney time would balance it out!

  7. I almost chose London too but I admit I’m too much of a toronto girl to consider living anywhere else.

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