Facebook Art Project

Over the winter, a Facebook friend inspired me to post an artwork. I got carried away and researched an artwork to post every day for 50 days. I loved learning more about art and artists! They were all 20th and 21st century, which makes them modern, post-modern and contemporary.

Posting art is tricky. Obviously I do not own any of the copyrights and I may need to take them down. I hope you’ll be inspired to look up some of the artists and their work, and view higher-resolution photos online.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Would love to know some of your favourite artists and art works!


  1. Love them all but favourites are – Kadinsky, Bendolph,Stark, Mondrian, Coupland, Rothko, Riopelle, O’Keeffe – studied many of these at Art college – wonderful days.

    • I have never studied art. Someday I would like to learn more about art history. I go to art exhibits whenever I travel and I’ve seen some shows by major artists like Picasso and Monet. But I like small shows and surprises too.

  2. I’m a bit of a philistine when it comes to visual art. I do like Klimt. The colours and the organic, cluttered nature of his paintings.

  3. todadwithlove

    There was an exhibition here in Melbourne last year that juxtaposed works by Andy Warhol with those from Ai WeiWei. It was brilliant! Also, thanks Dar, for the mention in a comment at your last post: Accounting for: March.

  4. Jollyhollybanolly

    Great idea! I am planning on doing this on Facebook now!

  5. Fiona

    I was entranced by the slideshow. Sadly, I don’t know much at all about contemporary art. I’d have to do some research to even be able to outline what I like. But I do know that I loved the Sydney Biennale when we went a year ago and there were lots of installations and art I would have loved to pursue. A very fun project on Facebook! 🙂

    • I am not a very inspired Facebook user so having a project kept up my interest for a couple of months! I started off loving abstract art but now my horizons have opened. I still don’t like classic landscape and portrait paintings much!

  6. This was great. I went to the Cy Twombly retrospective in Paris this week so was in form to look at your slide show. Want to go through it again as lots of names I don’t know. Thank you for doing this

  7. Great show (impressive skills you have) and great art. I see a lot of art but my favorites varies with time and I go through periods. We have a huge art book on a stand in the living room that we slowly work our way through (but it can take weeks until we change). Right now it shows Hokusai (not the Wave though) and it might stay awhile.

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