Grocery Shopping Notes # 1: Superstore Run

We have just started our 12th month of menu planning. My spouse and I each make a couple of meals that we want to try out, and we fill in the rest of the month with our favourites, in rotation.

Sundays are very different from the rest of the week. We always have eggs for lunch – scrambled, omelettes, fried eggs on English muffins, a hard-boiled or poached egg, a popover or a frittata. Sunday evenings we visit my parents who provide us with a traditional Sunday dinner – roasted meats, vegetables, bread, wine and homemade desserts!

On weekdays, Rom and I both pack lunches for work. Once or twice a month, we cook a roast (turkey, ham, pork or beef) and carve the whole thing up for weekday sandwiches. I’m not so big a meat-eater, so I alternate mine with avocado sandwiches, soup, hummus and pita bread, leftovers, and the occasional salad. I bring raw veggies, yogurt and fruit every day while Rom at least brings fruit.

Today we were both off work. We both got January 2 as a stat holiday for the 1st. We ate the last of the holiday lasagna for lunch, with vegetables on the side. Tonight we treated ourselves to a cheese board with olives, red pepper jelly, antipasto, Carr’s and Jacob’s crackers, and apple slices. Yum! We had intended it for a special night over the December holidays but ran out of time. Tomorrow night I have a meeting after work so Rom is on his own and I will pack two brown bag lunches to bring to work, one for lunch time and one for after work/before meeting.

This week’s dinners are: chicken stir fry with rice on Wednesday, pork chops with mashed potatoes on Thursday, salmon with rice on Friday, and roast turkey on Saturday (the rest of which will make our sandwiches next week). We’ll be having pancakes for Saturday lunch to use up some blueberry sauce I made over the holidays for French toast.

For this week’s grocery shopping, I was completely out of all fresh and frozen vegetables and all fruit. I did have lots of meat in the freezer, though, from earlier sales, so we will be trying to use it up this month. And, we still have lots of cheese left!

We bought a full order of groceries at Superstore for the first time and will try to compare prices with our usual shopping spot, Sobey’s, the next time we are there. At Superstore we could not get good quality fresh broccoli, zucchini, snow peas, Weetabix cereal, English sausages, crumpets, or 100% recycled tissues, all of which are available at Sobey’s, so we were not thrilled. We have not comparison-shopped our groceries very much, so we’ll see how that goes!

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