7 Clothing Pieces I Will Never Wear

There are a few items of clothing I am sworn against and will never wear. This is, of course, partly a function of my age, shape and station in life 🙂

  • Leggings or jeggings – not a chance
  • Capri/clamdigger length pants – don’t fit me right
  • Pre-distressed jeans (torn, grated, shredded) – somewhat faded OK
  • Decollete – I like shirts, sweaters and T-shirts, not “tops”
  • Fashion cardigans with no fasteners – don’t see the point
  • Thong panties – maybe I’m just of the wrong generation
  • Sunglasses as a fashion accessory – not being Bono!

However, I have worn some funky things now and again (even in public):

  • fishnet stockings
  • pleated mini-skirt
  • feather boa
  • silly hats including an owl toque, a Totoro plush and a Super Mario Mushroom
  • fluorescent safety vest
I have slowly changed my thinking on a few items: I used to avoid anything with ruffles, but have built up a bit of a tolerance. And I do like T-shirts and shirts that are ruched!

Now you know my fashion limits…


  1. I, too, thought I would never wear jeggings. Then I found some extremely comfortable black ones with plenty of stretch. Not a problem anymore. I like to wear them with longer tops, almost tunics. Very comfy & being black they go almost anywhere. I’m definitely with you on the pre-distressed jeans.

    They say, never say never!

  2. I suppose I should never say never too – maybe it’s only a small step from the yoga pants I wear for workouts or sometimes at home!

  3. The black stretchy jeggings I wear are much thicker than leggings or tights. They really are almost the thickness of jeans. With a tunic they are amazingly flattering, & I don’t have a great figure by any means! Try them; you might like them!

  4. It would be a big step for me to have the nerve to try them on 🙂

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  6. Hilarious – I don’t wear thongs either (the ones you mention) almost EVER unless there’s no way around it. I’m also not into capris – either shorts/skirts above the knee or long pants. Some people can pull them off, most can’t! I’m not a fan of fishnets and don’t own any – can’t help thinking ‘stripper’ when I see them :s Safety vests are part of my daily accessories!

    • I ended up buying a pair of jeggings about 6 months ago, intended as comfy travel wear. I haven’t worn them since because I don’t have the long tunic tops they would need – for me, anyway!

      “Unless there’s no way around it” – LOL!

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