I’ll Do It Later!

I am proactive most of the time, but here are the top 10 things I am forever putting off:

Making appointments:

Doctor, dentist, eye exam, vet. I don’t have a medical phobia. I just don’t like reorganizing my work schedule!

Car maintenance:

I totally should check my tire pressure more often. And I do get maintenance done, but after much heel-dragging…unless it’s dangerous, like bad brakes!

Hand-washing clothes:

Not a frequent thing, but my cotton sweaters wait to be washed and dried flat for weeks

Taking care of shoes and boots:

Cleaning, polishing, water-proofing. But do I want to throw them out after one season? No.

Repairing little things:

Such as gluing a broken handle or re-threading a drawstring!

Shredding papers:

I set aside everything with personal info on it, and the stack gets sky-high before I get around to shredding it! Which defies the purpose: an identity thief could just swipe the pile 🙂


Having to file both at home and at work, I do have a lot of papers spread around waiting for homes. My electronic filing is good, though!

Planting things:

Gardening is not part of my budget, so I only put in flowers if I can get serious deals (or give-away plants). So the season is half over before I plant anything. I can’t start seeds indoors because my cats eat them.


Being a librarian, I take home books daily and only read about a quarter of them. My eyes are bigger than my belly when it comes to books.

Calling long-lost friends to go to lunch:

Which makes them even longer-lost friends!

On the flip side, I am pretty good at decluttering, cleaning, sewing buttons, and NOT hitting the snooze alarm!


  1. Shelly Brush

    I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone in my ratio of library books @ home to library books read! Thanks for confessing, Dar!

    • I felt better when I read Nick Hornby’s book Polysyllabic Spree – in which he lists the books he intended to read, the ones he actually read, and why there was a difference!

  2. Shelly Brush

    I’ve just requested that title–thanks for mentioning it! (Here’s hoping I get to/finish the book. Heh.)

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