You Need Art! – My Obvious Buildings Wish List

I love the difference between photos and reality when it comes to visiting a famous building. In my mind’s eye, the building has a clean, dramatic approach and an entry across an uncluttered courtyard. When I get inside, I can turn circles in the airy lobby for 360 views, and then I can explore corridors and cubbies at my leisure. I can, of course, take perfectly lit photos from access points that give me the same classic views I see in coffee table books.

In reality, we deal with public transit or parking lots, line-ups and ticket booths, mandatory coat checks, timed entries and guided tours,  no-photo zones, limited vantage points, and ever-diminishing public access to sites that have been eaten away by centuries of visitors. I am always fascinated to see how beautiful classic buildings have dealt with us, the tourists – such as what they’ve done for gift shops, restaurants and public washrooms. I like watching the staff and seeing how bored they are, working for the CN Tower or the Tate Modern. I love observing the behind-the-scenes work needed to create the illusion we’ve come to see, and the everyday-ness that is so easily exposed.

Here are some iconic buildings I would love to see, but in many cases, don’t expect to see. So perhaps I will maintain my illusions about them!

I could have chosen only public libraries, or union stations, or concert halls, or sports stadiums, or towers, or castles, or ruins – each worthy of its own post, I’m sure.

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  1. Fabulous aren’t they!? Can you imagine seeing all of these in your lifetime… would be amazing!!

  2. Okay only 1. Edinburgh Castle. Been to Edinburgh quite a few times, and it is a fantastic city. Didn’t go inside the building however as I was working (on every occasion!), the Hubby has though as he accompanied me one time and needed something to do. We moved onto Stirling and visited that castle instead. And the William Wallace (Braveheart) monument. We’ve also been to Legoland at Windsor (of course! :-)) not the headquarters however!

  3. Lucky you! Maybe I need a trip to “Edfringe.” I think my best bet would be to visit the Paris area so I could see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, and then Versailles not too far away! A Legoland might be do-able – I may be travelling to the UK in September.

  4. I love this post Dar – I’m fascinated by buildings. I hope to go to the Guggenheim in April – been to NY about 15 times and never been for some unknown reason!
    Love Paris – love the Eiffel Tower at night.
    If you visit the UK you can easily visit Paris for the day.

    Fallingwater looks amazing – I may have to add that to my list!

    • I noticed on one of your lists that you were planning to go to NYC lots more times, and you’d already been to MOMA! I am hoping to get to NYC by the end of next year. I love FL Wright’s design (of everything).

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