The Good and The Bad

Well, not very bad. The good and the mildly annoying?

Pet Peeves This Week (or, evidence that spring has sprung)

  • Several weeks into the dandelion season and they will always prevail
  • Likewise for black flies!
  • Trying to get in the door before the June bugs follow me in
  • Religious recruitment teams knocking at my door (I am a polite non-theist)
  • Kids squealing their tires in the school parking lot at night

This is all I have to complain about, meaning life is good!

Favourite Things This Week

Bakeapples (cloudberries)

  • Tried bakeapples (cloudberries) for the first time
  • Listening to pop music (I am usually anti-pop but I let my guard down)
  • Making up vegetarian menus for the weeks ahead
  • Pride flag flying at neighbourhood high school
  • Today’s rain – we are not getting enough of it
  • Reading Bill Bryson’s book At Home – a history of houses, homes and creature comforts (like heating, lighting and cooking)

These are in addition to my all-time favourite things like whiskers on kittens guzzling lattes and not watching the Stanley Cup play-offs 🙂


  1. Bakeapples – you must be an east-coaster. My co-worker from Newfoundland brings in the jelly and I have to admit I can’t get the taste for it.

    I feel for you about the door to door recruitment teams – our Newfoundland and Chesapeake dogs seem to put most of them off, luckily. Nobody wants a black suit with Newf drool on the crotch..

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