To-Do List Delay Tactics

I have all these little jobs that I keep postponing until the weekend, and then I carry them over from one weekend to the next. They’re low-priority, but they don’t go away!

Here is my current list, followed by how long I’ve been putting them off. I did a blitz on them today (a day off work), motivated by how many I could cross off before posting this!

Shredding – Delayed as Usual!
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  • Secure speaker wires to wall (1 month). Completed by Rom today – time taken, 10 minutes
  • Bleach dish cloths (3 days). Time taken today – maybe 7 minutes
  • Hem pants(trousers) (3.5 months) – do you think I would pay for this? Noooo! Time taken today – (by hand) – 1 hour including ironing and pinning
  • Disassemble futon to move from one room to another – will not fit through door (11 months). Time taken today – 40 minutes for the 2 of us – physical labour 😦
  • Re-paint worn section of laundry room floor (2 years). Time taken today – 40 minutes including finding and cleaning paint brushes
  • Shred pile of documents – 1 month. Time taken today – 20 minutes including cleaning the shredder
  • Weeding around trees and shrubs in yard – ongoing – making progress, but by the time I have finished, I will need to start again
  • Buy bark mulch for base of trees and shrubs (2 months) – still pending
  • Buy decorative gravel to match what is already at foundation of house (2 years) – still pending
  • Wash car (1 month) – decided I would do this myself and not spend $9.75 at the car wash. But have not done!

What are the pesky tasks you always put off?


  1. Blogging provides motivation! I like it!

    Well done! I have a similar list 🙂

  2. Jill Moulton

    I can really relate to this. Recently did a lot of little jobs because we had people coming to stay & wanted the house & garden to look good!

  3. the gate was left slightly open, so Molly nudged it open with her nose!!!

    We have such a long list I don’t even want to think about it…………..on top of the list though is cut the grass, and I will make a start on that today……..


  4. Needle Lady

    Good for you, getting motivated!
    Today, I am tackling a filing/organizing project I have put off for more than a year. My new file cabinet was delivered yesterday, so this is my focus for the next day or two. (Including shredding, cleaning out a closet, organizing classes I teach, and personal papers for my family.

  5. SarahN

    Oh yes, I have niggley lists like this, but being on a list makes me get to it sooner, i think. And you feel SO good when you get a heap done at once! Common things on my ‘hold over list’ are mending (though I now store the sewing stuff near sofa, so it’s that much easier!), hardware-y stuff (my apartment is small, so I don’t have a ‘stash’, every issue seems to need a new ‘thing’), car vacuuming/dusting (I’m proud of it, but it’s in the basement… groan), stain removal/hand washing. I am getting MUCH better at doing them though. Good work on tackling a few of yours too

  6. OMG – just read this post and gone from smiling to laughing are you sure this isn’t my list that you have (all but the Futon)!!! It is crazy that we take so long to do some of the stuff – I keep trying to analyse the reasons and then realise I am spending more time looking at why I haven’t done the tasks than it would take to do them.

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