Junk Drawer Warning!

I didn’t know that your junk drawer could be fatal – thankfully I cleaned mine out recently! This news story on Yahoo says it all: How Your Junk Drawer Could Set Your House on Fire.

I have a desk in my kitchen with THREE junk drawers. Most of the stuff I throw in them has a real home somewhere else in the house or shed, but the junk is being shoved out of sight for a while. Since my last clear-out, the drawers have stayed mostly uncluttered, because I have made myself put things away where they belong in the tool box, the office, etc.  I am trying to keep a small stash of supplies on hand that I use all the time, or that don’t belong anywhere else.

Here’s how it went!

Junk Drawer 1: BEFORE

Yes, I could actually close the drawer and ignore it. Let’s have a closer look:

Junk Drawer 1: Contents (Click to Enlarge)

Here we have:

  • 5 rolls of tape
  • Stack of little notebooks
  • Stack of Post-It pads
  • Many erasers, new and used
  • Pens, pencils and Sharpies
  • Thumb tacks, paper clips and elastic bands
  • Glue stick
  • Twist ties
  • Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, picture hangers, and fasteners
  • Felt pads for under furniture
  • Hex keys
  • Eyeglass repair kit
  • Lens cleaning cloths
  • Mini flashlight
  • Keys, keys and more keys
  • Key tags
  • Ridiculous pile of locks
  • Graphite for sticky locks
  • Luggage tags
  • Laser pointer for cats to chase
  • Noisemaker for scaring cats off counter top
  • 2 mini stuffed animals (cat and koala)
  • Candle holder
  • 2 packages Fimo (polymer clay)
  • Buttons
  • Fake gems and glass stones
  • Beads
  • Piece of ribbon
  • 3 tulle drawstring jewellery bags
  • Pins
  • Dice
  • Bookmarks
  • Evil dead battery destined for Hazardous Waste
  • 2 -1/2 Remembrance Day poppies
  • Cell phone car charger
  • Change purse
  • Many packages of unplanted flower seeds
  • Seat belt adjusters
  • Small objects awaiting repair

Honestly, what was I thinking!

Here is the “after” photo. I brought my mini glue gun to the junk drawer so I could actually fix things and not stuff them away to rot.

Junk Drawer 1: AFTER

BTW, the drawer organizer was there all along; it was just buried 🙂

Here’s the next one:

Junk Drawer 2: BEFORE

This is the one where I had miscellaneous batteries, battery chargers and cables, along with paper and plastic items – probably not a good idea!

Junk Drawer 2: AFTER

Note the numerous lint and cat hair removers.

I have rechargeable batteries for most things, but still use a few alkalines for elliptical machine, TV remote, etc.

I have since put all my chargers and cables into a lunch box:

Domo takes care of my charger cables!

Chargers & Cables

And here is the bottom drawer:

Junk Drawer 3: BEFORE

Probably the less said, the better…

Junk Drawer 3: AFTER

And here’s how it looks after resuscitation. The black bags contain binoculars and a wind-up radio for power outages. There is a pedometer, a whistle from the Brisco General Store, a roll of plastic string for the Whipper Snipper (strimmer), a painted box with window ornaments inside, and the reorganized bags of twist ties, elastics and fridge magnets.

OK, I’m done now, and feeling thoroughly exposed 🙂


  1. SarahN

    Thanks you for sharing. Your laid out ‘junk’ picture up top is helpful, it makes me assess ‘where are those things in my house’ I try REALLY hard not to have a junk drawer/place – but it’s a constant challenge!

    • To be honest, I never thought of that (not having a junk drawer at all). If I were to do away with them, I would want to make a list of items I really need in that location and stock it up. Then everything else would have to find a new permanent home. Now you’ve got me thinking!

  2. I clean my out occasionally too, but it only seems to take a couple of months to go back to the messy stage.

  3. I don’t really have a junk drawer, although I do have a pens/pencils etc drawer in my small filing cabinet.

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