Top 10 Cool-Off Treats

Coming off a long run of foggy and rainy days, we’re back in the high heat, here on the East Coast. In the Southern states, I would be drinking iced tea. Here in Nova Scotia, we go for Iced Caps (Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccinos). In Western Canada, they go for Slurpees or Frosters. When I lived in the US, I used to buy Dunkin Donuts Coolattas (iced fruit drinks) almost every day in the summer. I have turfed that bad habit, but on hot days, ya just need something!

Without further ado, my favourite summer cool-off treats are:

Being Bad

  • Ice cream: my favourite cool-off flavour is mint chocolate chip

Mint Chip Ice Cream

  • Gelato: I find it so much icier and more refreshing than ice cream, but locally it is only available at restaurants and specialty shops, and not at neighbourhood kiosks!

Gelato (Photo Credit:

  • Freezies: the only thing I still eat regularly with HFCS in them; cannot resist! I can perfectly well make my own ice pops but haven’t bothered!

Freezies (Photo credit:

  • Dairy Queen Blizzards: Luv luv luv, my favourite is Skor bars. And a mere 850 calories for a medium!

DQ Skor Blizzard

  • “Rocket” style Popsicles: In the USA, these are popular on the 4th of July. In Canada they make red and white ones for Canada Day, but they just aren’t the same! We can buy the original tri-colour ones (also suitable for UK, France, etc) by the box.

Rocket Pops. Original 3 colours required.

  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade (vodka cooler): I like this because it is so tart. (Also available in “light”) My next favourite non-alcoholic substitute is Rose’s Lime Cordial (see photo below).

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Being Good

  • Water: Yes, even I succumb to drinking water when it’s hot enough outside. But only under duress.

No excuse for not drinking water?

  • Sparkling water mixed with fruit juice: What I drink on hot days when I am mowing the lawn!

Lawn is mowed; time for a sparkling juice!

  • Watermelon: I usually buy the “seedless”

Watermelon (Photo credit:

  • Fruit in season (blueberries, peaches, Concord grapes)

Nothing like Ontario Concord Grapes!
(Photo credit:; apologies to original Flickr owner)

  • Salad: This is my favourite salad ever from Magic Oven in Toronto (“baby greens in grapefruit vinaigrette with avocado, mango and walnuts.”) I have worked out my own version of it.

Magic Oven Salad (Photo credit:

I know there are really 11 things on the list but water doesn’t count, right?

Some of these I have every day (Blizzards) and some only once  a year (water) – j/k!


  1. SarahN

    What a lovely post, I feel chubby just reading it all! But some delicious things there!

  2. SarahN

    PS in a non post related comment – I have taken a leaf out of your (and others) books, and listed all my clothing on Tuesday. My friend though I was nuts, even more nuts that I know bloggers who’d think this is normal. Sigh – at least it’s genetic (Mum used to do it toO!) Thanks for sharing and making me feel more normal

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