Meet My Hallowe’en Cats

Non-cat folks can skip right over this one! I’ll make it short and sweet. I have two black tortoise shell cats. They don’t get along as well as they appear to in these photos. But isn’t that true of all family photos 😉 One of them is fluffier, more photogenic and, er, not so dazzling “bright.” The other one is a smart predator and also a bit of a curmudgeon (some would say “attack cat.”) I hope the same descriptions don’t apply to their owners! Their names are Gigi and Luna after the cats in Kiki’s Delivery Service and Sailor Moon respectively. They are not doing anything either cute or clever at the moment. But then, neither am I!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an, ahem, real post.

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  1. EcoCatLady

    They’re beautiful! I especially love the one in their beds with their little heads together… and the candle. But then again, I’m an easy sell when it comes to cute kitty pictures!

  2. I love cats – my beautiful long haired Ginger (yes we matched very well) died many years ago now and I still miss him and could never bring myself to replace him so I don’t have a cat now. Yours are very cute though.

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