12 Months of Celebration: Month 1 – January

Photo credit: didyouknow.org

Photo credit: didyouknow.org

I set myself the goal of celebrating every month in 2013 and I’ve failed already! Some things I hoped/planned to do in January were:

Go see Academy Award nominated films. I had narrowed it down to Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and Les Miserables. However, all of them were 2.5 hours plus and none were at all light. ZD30 starts with graphic depictions of torture and I didn’t think I could handle it. Les Mis, is, of course, entirely miserable. I do think that dark films have a place, but I need to be in the right mood to withstand them. Despite the assassination, it looks like I will be seeing Lincoln in the weeks ahead!

Watch significant movies on DVD. Nope, not even one.

Go to opera live movie broadcast. Exactly the same as above. This month’s screening was Maria Stuarda. I heard it was stunning, but it was one-show-only on a day I had a bad cold and couldn’t stay awake. I am not going to find a light-hearted opera anytime soon, so I had best psych myself up for a tragedy.

Go to rockabilly/burlesque night. This is a monthly local event so I hope to attend one some time this year.

Fail x 4!

On the plus side, I did a few things on my list:

Go to science lecture (ocean research). It was standing room only! And, we had pizza at Bramoso, which was new to us and definitely requires a repeat visit – they have 6 vegetarian signature pizzas!

Indulge in chocolates. A large tin of Quality Streets seems to have been consumed…

Tegan and Sara - Hearththrob

Tegan and Sara – Hearththrob

Listen to new Tegan and Sara album (released this week). I looooove it!

African Heritage Month Opening Night at the library: tonight! This is a huge celebration and I got to help plan it this year. So fun!

Goliath - by Tom Gauld

Goliath – by Tom Gauld

Read graphic novels. I read one from my Top 12 list: Baby’s in Black, which was about the early days of The Beatles in Hamburg. The ending completely knocked me for a loop – I had no idea! I read another graphic novel called Goliath – yes, it was about that Goliath – and it was very poignant (!)

I have only read one other book, Shakespeare: the World as Stage by Bill Bryson. It is a short biography because it focuses only on what is actually known of Shakespeare’s life, rather than speculation.

Apart from all of this, there were a few things I was pleased about this month:

  • Finished the big home rearrangement project, which took 2 weeks
  • Got back in the routine of making bread, muffins and yogurt at home again
  • Had the foresight to freeze some fresh local strawberries in season and am enjoying them now!

I will make do with those small pleasures because they really do make me happy.

Photo credit: lashem.com

Photo credit: lashem.com

On an unrelated note, I had a cold and was crazy-tired this month. I decided to keep a little journal of how I was sleeping. Well, guess what? On days when I get up early, work out for an hour, work 9-5, and go to bed at 11, I seem to be quite tired the next day. When I skip the workout, get up later, and go to bed at 10, I am fine! Who would have thought, LOL!


  1. laura / move to portugal

    I want to see all 3 of those films but will wait for the DVD release – daughter went to see les mis and cried nearly all the way through….not a good look when you leave the cinema lol.

    It’s taken me a long time to get my sleep pattern right, but I find if I’m in bed at 10.30 I can get up/wake up anytime after 5am and not be tired at all – go to bed at 11 and I’m a wreck the next day (which doesn’t bode well for watching the Super Bowl this weekend!)

    Anyway I’m rambling. You had a GOOD month! 🙂

    • I might have to treat myself to a weepy Les Mis experience! With the sleep thing, I am a very early riser and feel best all the hours up to 1 pm (I have often been up 7 or 8 hours by that point).

  2. I love that you included eating chocolate in your goals – now that is one I could definitely fulfil. Especially Quality St!

  3. I saw Les Mis and loved it, but I am a die-hard fan of the musical 🙂 Did you like the Shakespeare book? I read it a few years ago and found it very interesting 🙂

  4. I’m the opposite – a work out (well a 15 min run!) makes me so much better with work and sleep! Funny… My new goal (of this week) is to SEVERELY limit my blog activities during work hours. A certain someone was still aghast at a 10hrs a week target! Must add my recently finished book to my running ‘Feb’ post on goals!

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