Home Is For Crashing?

Photo: gant-construction.com

Photo: gant-construction.com

I am always hearing how my home should be my sanctuary. I stopped to think about what that means.

It’s sacred. That means nothing profane can go on. That wouldn’t do, would it? No sloth, no lust…no fun!

It’s for relaxation. This sounds like a slippery slope to me. If you are supposed to relax at home, that means you shouldn’t have to do dishes or scrub toilets, right? I would not be able to relax in a rapidly decaying house!

Our homes have to play a bunch of roles for us. I’ve reached the conclusion that most people fall into one of five categories. Their homes are:

Photo: homeconceptor.com

Photo: homeconceptor.com

A spa. The house is geared toward relaxation. A priority was placed on a luxurious master bedroom and bathroom, maybe an upgraded bath and shower. For some, there’s a cozy den with a fireplace, rather than (or in addition to) a room full of video games. The spa concept might extend to a patio, deck, sun room, or hot tub. The inhabitants of this house deserve pampering! The idea is to “de-stress” from what happens outside.

Photo: interior-design-it-yourself.com

Photo: interior-design-it-yourself.com

A command centre. The house is geared toward sharing information and keeping everyone organized. Each person gets washed, dressed, fed and packed off to the right places at the right times! This implies the existence of a commander. Someone is probably taking on this role. There will be a central area, usually the kitchen, where everyone checks in and sorts themselves out. The idea is that everyone is prepared to launch out from Command Central!

Photo: contact-the-elderly.org.uk

Photo: contact-the-elderly.org.uk

A growing place. The house is used to nurture and develop its inhabitants 24/7. This house isn’t empty 8 or 10 hours a day! It could be a home schooling family, a group home, a halfway house, or someone looking after an aging parent. The rooms, possessions and people are dedicated to caregiving. The idea is that someone here is the focus of the home’s attention, and their needs will be met.

Photo: the chronicleherald.ca

A work space. The house is divided into zones for different jobs and hobbies. The householders go there to find and use the materials they need: the home office, the home gym, the sewing room, the art studio, the wood working shop, the potting shed. Each person putters around on the activities they like, and re-groups for meals and bedtime. The idea is that everyone finds their own bliss and gives each other space.

Photo: alcoholicshare.org

Photo: alcoholicshare.org

A crash pad. The house…houses you. Life is lived elsewhere. Home is for sleeping and storage. The idea is that you need a fixed address, but everything else is negotiable.

I bet you can guess which one I have.

Which kind of home do you have? Which kind do you want?


  1. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure which one your house would be… A touch of some seems to come into play in my mind for your house.

    I think I try to make my house relaxing, but it’s only ‘relaxing’ when all that toilet scrubbing (and other tasks in my head) are done! And you can imagine, that list is long right now! Sacred it is not though!

    • I’ll take safe instead of sacred! I agree in that I don’t find home relaxing when there are dishes to do and garbage to take out. What works for me is to just do those tasks, rather than putting them off and dreading them. I consider my place to be full of work areas where I do things. It was even the same when Link was here because of the art space.

      • Yeah but ‘getting it done’ ends up a very lengthy list sometimes… especially in the new place. Hurry up and be ‘tidy and clean’ place!!! Still lingering loads of washing and the washing up/dishwasher not 100% sorted. At least most things are finding resting places/homes that make sense. Every day the BF finds things have moved – smirking!

      • True…I guess I have a mental picture of what “good enough” looks like. Completely different when moving, though – all normal rules do not apply!

  2. todadwithlove

    Of course you’d have a crash pad, Dar, can’t imagine you would have anything else. 😀 Kiddin’. I think I have a spa (WITHOUT the luxury; only a lazy couch). 🙂

  3. My home is more a combination. I have no electronics on display, no TV, computer. I like to think my home reflects a getaway, But I don’t like luxurious as in fancy, I like a lived in, yet clean, looking home. Since I work from home the one room I have is multifunctional. I also have a lot going on. There are constant projects in and out, and grandchildren who visit several times a week who like to craft when inside. No command center here though.

    I will never again think of my home as a sanctuary after reading your definition. 🙂

    • Neither a sanctuary nor a den of sin, eh?

      I was thinking of the homes of some of my commenters, and when I think of your space, I automatically think of the outdoors, too. With all of your reclaiming, re-working and gardening, I get a “work space” vibe, but I bet a lot of it takes place outside.

      • In nice weather, yes I do work outside. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury (yet) of a dedicated work room so in the winter months everything takes place in my apartment.It can be frustrating because to me it makes my place feel cluttered but then I have to laugh because the little ones look forward to seeing what I have found and want to help. They don’t look at it the same way I do.

      • I would say Work in Progress and clutter are two different things 🙂

      • That’s true until you see the mess I can make when I have to work inside. 🙂 I hate having to tell visitors not to touch something that has wet paint or needing to move things around when unexpected company arrives and my project of the moment is blocking their favorite seat. It works in the end and everyone knows why it’s here not just that I’m a slob. 🙂

  4. Fiona

    I can’t quite pick either! Let’s see how well I “know” you:
    1) I’m ruling off “Crash Pad” straight away!
    2) “Growing Space” is a different life stage…
    3) I don’t really see you as a “Commander” – you are more empathetic!
    4) I can see elements of “Spa”, but only some. Nothing ostentatious.

    So I’ll have to go with “Work Spaces.” A mix of music spaces, books, collections, technology etc.!

    As for me…I don’t like to admit it, but I’m pretty sure I swing between Crash Pad and Command Centre!

    • You got it, definitely work spaces – I like your logic! We have an office, music room, workout area, etc. Whenever there is a work/school/commute routine, there is going to be some commanding going on, don’t you think?

  5. Our home is definitely a command centre (you’ll have to guess who’s the Commander?!!)…..which provides sanctuary…without the spa!
    Is your home a work space?

  6. That’s really interesting, I’ve never thought of a home to fit into a category as you’ve listed. Hmm…I’m pondering my home now…
    I kinda think if you pay (usually a lot), for your house then enjoy it and spend as much time in it as possible – make it your little place of comfort and safety 🙂

  7. Hmmm, I’d like to live in a Spa but I think I live in a mash up of all of the above. The work space sounds great, but I don’t have one other than the dining table as I gave up our study to my son doing his final year of school. I actually wish I could build a space in the roof just for me (and Ruby perhaps). I picture you in the work space, all beautifully organised 🙂

  8. Ahhh well, I have so much to say here. Well… correction, I have so much in my brain but I will just share a bit. I wish my house was my sanctuary, but it’s more like a place that my children collect their toys and use much electricity! I have a 2 bedroom apartment that has 3 children, my daughter and I share a room… right now I’m downsizing so that I can move to the UK, but… I’m thinking it’s a double bonus because that’s less clutter and less to clean… right? One day my home will be my sanctuary, but for now I’m going to use my pennies to take my children to Europe… And once I have that sanctuary, I hope that my children will fill my home up with my grandchildren 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • That is a tight space you have, especially if your older kids visit! The coziness and the ability to do a quick clean would be nice though. Do you have a vision in mind for a future dream home?

  9. I’m not sure which one my house is – probably part work space (it’s difficult to split a one room place into too many zones) and part sanctuary (although that would work much better if I could keep it tidy!)

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