Going and Coming Back

Photo: holidayextras.co.uk

Photo: holidayextras.co.uk

I travel about twice a year, and plan my trips around seeing relatives, or occasionally going to a work conference. I love going to other cities and seeing the sights, but I love coming back, too! The rest of the year I do not have wanderlust and I like being at home.

The top 10 things I like about returning from a trip are:

10. Going from public to private: from the world of airports and hotel lobbies and taxis and public washrooms to my own private house!

9. The terrain: I like the forests and hills and skies and water and light where I live. I know it’s what I’m used to, but I’m partial!

8. The knowledge: every time I return from a trip, I feel a little wiser and more experienced about the world.

7. No longer spending bucket-loads of money on daily expenses. Back to normal bills!

6. The clean house. Before I leave, I have to take out the garbage and clean the fridge and leave everything decent. When I get back, it’s exactly the same – no wear and tear!

5. My own shower. It’s a familiarity thing – the temperature, the water pressure, my own towels.

4. My own bed. And my own alarm clock.

3. Our own cooking. I love trying different foods wherever I go, but I tire of eating out and look forward to cooking again.

2. Catching up with everyone. Whether it’s my parents or my co-workers or you (my blog readers), it’s nice to be missed and to have people take an interest in where I was and what I did and how I liked it!

And the number one thing I like about returning from a trip is…

1. The cats – who come running to the door to greet me, and forgive me immediately for my absence, and are extra cuddly for a few days after.

Do you like to travel as much as possible or are you more of a homebody? What do you like about returning from a trip?

Cat Book

Photo: icanhascheezburger.com


  1. I definitely feel the same way! Especially about my shower and my cats ❤ Also, whenever I travel to other countries it's always nice to come home to Canada where everything is familiar – the language, currency, stores, culture etc. I love travelling, but it can be a bit taxing being in a place where everything is unfamiliar and new.

  2. Mel

    Coming home to cats … is there anything better??

  3. EcoCatLady

    Yes, the cats… they are the main reason I haven’t been away for more than a day in 20 years. I just worry so much when I’m not home with them.

  4. I’m definitely more of a home person..I miss the cats if I am away too long! I prefer staying with friends in the UK, if I go away. I tend to find travelling stressful- the pressure of having a deadline for flights/trains…

    • I like the excitement of going to the airport and arriving in a new place, but the worries add up too – like the 20 people who got bumped from our departing flight this time.

  5. One thing I really notice travelling is that lack of privacy, or at least the great reduction. And the many things we are attuned to doing in privacy – such as grooming! I also like returning home and clean my place from top to toe before leaving. Both recent trips have had housesitters (more for their sake than my homes needing it!) and I loved playing ‘what’s different’ on my return! I don’t have cats, so I can’t emapthise, but still. I also quite like returning to a routine!

  6. Aww, seeing the cats run to greet me when I get home is the best! My brother usually lives at our house while we’re away so their routine is pretty similar but I love that they’re so happy to see ME. 🙂

  7. Like you, I like going away and seeing news things, but I love coming home. Nothing beats my own bed, shower and lounge. I must have a cup of tea in my favourite mug almost as soon as I get home from anywhere. Tea somehow tastes better.

  8. laura

    I love being back in my own bed, bathroom etc and I’m always glad when the actual journey is over!
    I also get fed up eating out…..but I don’t relish the thought of cooking again 😉

  9. Fiona

    We have just come home from a trip and it is wonderful to come home to all our own things and the peace and quiet. Love the cat & book pic – so evocative of home!

  10. I totally agree! As much as I love to travel, having a home to come back to is great–my own bed, my own food, my own bathroom–whoever said “there is no place like home” was right!

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