What I Liked About February

New stamp commemorating Africville (Photo: cbc.ca)

New stamp commemorating Africville

What I didn’t like about February:

  • Luna the Cat chewed several large holes in my newest scarf – I can’t leave stuff alone for a minute before she eats it!
  • A bit short on fun

^^ shortest list ever^^

What I liked about February:


Work got ratcheted up. We are planning a library renovation which was to have taken 9 months. Now the time line has been accelerated and it is to be completed in 4 months. I will be in high gear until then. But it’s exciting work and the results will be so visible! I’ve always been thankful I was introduced to drafting in school and I know my way around “blueprints.” I was able to send the designer suggestions in the form of scale drawings, which she incorporated in the plan. I’m hoping the library will be highly functional and not just pretty.

Part of the library art show

Part of the library art show

This was African Heritage Month, which always keeps us going full-tilt at the library. We put on lots of programs. My favourite was an art exhibit on the subject of the objectification of Black women, by 5 African Nova Scotian woman artists. Unbeknownst to us, most of the works were nudes. Our public thought the art show was striking and it got nothing but compliments, which made me very happy.

My biggest chunk of work this month was for my volunteer job, though. I am a treasurer, and it is tax time! Charitable donation tax receipts had to be issued to a large number of people by February 28, and I communicated with most of them individually by email throughout the month. I haven’t been in my volunteer position for  a year yet, so this was my first tax season – a learning experience! (I have yet to file my own taxes, but the deadline is April 30).

I took on the extra task of helping my brother select a new computer this month, set it up for him and transferred over his iTunes media. I enjoyed it, and gained a working knowledge of Windows 8 in the process!


To balance out all that work, I stayed active and spent time outdoors, as I did in January. It’s had an amazing effect on my sense of well-being. And as a side effect, I finally got back to my pre-holiday weight. (There are clothes I hadn’t been able to wear since about Dec 15!) Was it worth it to work out for two months for a few weeks of over-indulgence? Yes! It’s natural to gain some padding for the upcoming cold winter and rebalance later. Maybe when it starts taking me 4 months instead of 2 to rebound, I will change my ways. But not yet.

My tally for February was 12 home workouts, 7 sessions of skating at the rink, 90 km walking to and from work all month, and quite a bit of snow shovelling to top it off!

Still singing the theme song: Everything Is Awesome!

Still singing the theme song: Everything Is Awesome!


Rom and I have a deal for Valentine’s Day. We go out sometime that week, but not on the 14th. Especially for meals out, we don’t like going on busy holidays – restaurant staff are expected to crank as many people through as possible. So we went to see The LEGO Movie on a weeknight, and went for dinner another evening. My parents are part of a crew that organize a Valentine’s coffee party every year, so we always attend with them, and celebrate Valentine’s Day with the family. Link got a special care package.

I saw one more movie this month – I supervised Teen Night at work several times, and we had a screening of Akeelah and the Bee, which I hadn’t seen before (but most of the teens had). They can be a demanding lot and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they engaged with the story. Well, in between texting and throwing popcorn, of course.

Cool craftiness by pixelpower at crafty.com

Cool craftiness by pixelpower at crafty.com

I got hold of a copy of Game of Thrones Season 3 on DVD, just released. I hadn’t seen it earlier and managed to keep up a total media ban. So I am once again in the thrall of the Seven Kingdoms! I don’t get HBO so before long I will be out of the loop on Season 4 as well.

I made no progress on my other goals this month, and only the most rudimentary housework has been done (except for cooking). But I did make time to read, and I’ll report on that tomorrow!

How was your February?


  1. Does Canada have many people of African decent? I never heard of African Heritage Month before.

    Love the art display! And gotta love teens! Keep you on your toes!

    Feb is always so busy for me. First month of the school year and work is almost overwhelming in amount, intensity, and pace. As a result weekends have either been allocated to household tasks, recuperating or more work. I did get to have a few bits of fun, including a catchup with friends, dinner out with Mr Sans and a family get together with takeaway and a little too much to drink.

    What I most dislike about February is that I cannot spell it! I don’t know why it stumps me and my brain won’t remember the r after the b. Thank God for iPad predictive typing.

    • Here in Nova Scotia, we say we have 4 founding cultures: Mi’kmaq (Aboriginal), Black, English and French. I think African Nova Scotians make up about 10% of the local population. We are near some towns established by Black settlers. Canada-wide, I understand it is only about 1% but there are regional differences.

      February is one of our busiest months at the library, but nothing like term start-up, I’m sure!

      Predictive typing makes for some laughs (like on damnyouautocorrect.com) but it sure has its utility, too!

  2. Wow your month sounds great–lots of exercise and your job is amazing!!! I mean how many librarians get to both help design a library and watch Akeela and the Bee (a movie I loved) in one month?!

  3. I rarely go out to the movies, but I went to see The Lego Movie and thought it was great! I found it to be clever and so much fun!

  4. 90km of walking!!! I am deeply impressed!

    The African Heritage Month looks like a huge amount of work but such a great event for the public. I always feel very lucky that we benefit from a host of different experiences thanks to the efforts of our librarians and the numerous events in our local branch network.

    Hope you are loving Season 3! I’m beyond excited because Australia’s cable TV has finally joined the rest of the world and has rights for Season 4. They have a special deal that you can just take cable for one month ($30) to watch GoT. A slippery slope letting cable TV back into this house but in this case, a risk I’m prepared to take! Counting down the days to April 4!

    • Thanks! AHM was meant to set to rights the way history was taught, in that the contributions of non-European cultures weren’t mentioned, let alone valued. Australia has such a unique history; I’m sure the same issues are much discussed.

      We will finish watching Season 3 later today. Must say I love the romance in this season – provides a welcome contrast to the horrible torture. (I still can’t believe the story line and characterizations are so strong that it makes me watch that stuff – albeit with my eyes closed!) Yikes, Fiona, I have cable TV but you have to pay extra for HBO. It never even occurred to me to subscribe to it for just a couple of months, which would be easy to do. Hmmm….

  5. Katie P

    What a great month (minus Luna’s destructive ways)! How exciting for you to have been able to flex your knowledge and skills in the redesign project. Looking forward to seeing the after pictures! And, kudos to getting back on the physical fitness train. That is a ridiculous amount of walking. Very envious you can travel by foot to work!

  6. I just love the artwork! I’m so happy to hear that your month went quite well 🙂

    As for us, February was very busy. My business really took off, which is great, but that meant trying to adjust to a new type of busy. Plus, we are in the works of getting ready to sell our house in AZ along with general things going on with kids. It turned out as a pretty good month. March is off to a rough start as one of our boys woke up with a stomach bug. I hope it gets through us quickly and we can rebound in March. Can’t wait to see how this month fares for you!

    • Thanks, Megyn! You’re not in AZ now, but you have a property there to sell? Hope all goes well with the sale, and your business, and of course everyone’s health!

  7. We had a great February as well! The sun is actually coming up as I arrive at work (7am) which is something I adore about February. The library renovations sound exciting! Many of the libraries around here are getting outfitted with more computers and cozy reading spots (not just the standard wooden chair) and I love it! Makes me want to spend more time there 🙂

    • Ah, so we are achieving our library goal, then, of being “the community living room”! I hope they let you bring coffee?

      I have been enjoying more sunlight in the mornings, but our clocks go ahead next week and then we’ll have another hour of darkness in the mornings – I prefer more light in the morning rather than after work 😦

  8. I’m so glad you enjoyed The LEGO Movie, and 90km’s of walking!! Wow – well done!

    • Thanks! The dialogue in The LEGO Movie was really cheesy so it felt like a “guilty pleasure” sort of movie (and I look forward to seeing it again someday on DVD).

  9. Gill

    a very impressive month for you. Our February wasn’t bad if you forget about the weather!!!

  10. Where have I been – I haven’t even heard of the Lego Movie! Sounds fun though.
    I wish our local Library looked like yours – I must confess I haven’t been since they installed self check outs – I need people – I can’t chat to a machine.
    Oh and my February was just busy – work and home.

    • The LEGO Movie was cheesy but good fun.

      Our libraries have both self-checks and real people at the counter so there is always a choice. A lot of people comment to us that they don’t use the self-checks because they’re afraid we will lose our jobs! (Untrue).

      My March is shaping up much busier work-wise!

      • Must try and get to watch Lego movie now I have heard so much about it.
        My friend works at our Library in town and I got to chat with her when I exchanged my books on a Thursday evening – sadly they cannot chat anymore and they are losing their jobs because of self checkout due to the enormous cutbacks over here in the Council run sectors.
        Remember to try and take timeout for yourself during March – watch another movie maybe!

      • Luckily I do get time to myself – but must put “fun” on my to-do list, LOL!

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