In July

tUnE-yArDs at JazzFest

tUnE-yArDs at JazzFest

July begins with Canada Day! Our fireworks were fogged out (a common occurrence) but luckily we had celebrated earlier with a stroll along the oceanfront boardwalk, and lots of ice cream.

The next week was JazzFest, and we saw tUnE-yArDs – a mightily weird indie act – who were wonderful. And also liked their opening act, Moon Hooch, who do hiphop-influenced improvisational jazz (?!)

My library peeps at Pride!

My library peeps at Pride!

Last weekend was the annual Pride Parade. The marshalling grounds were deluged with rain before the parade start, but it dried up by launching time. So it didn’t put a damper on the dancing or even on the various states of undress. Afterwards at the fairgrounds, we stayed to see our favourite local band, Like a Motorcycle.

My UU church invited me and a friend (another member) to do a talk on budgeting, so we offered complimentary views on moral money management. She has just started using the YNAB method – does anyone else out there use it? It sounds really user-friendly.

At work, a proposal I had worked on for 6 months was approved, the second time around, so that is satisfying.

I have read a few more books:

  • When Everything Feels Like the Movies – by Raziel Reid
  • The Almost Nearly Perfect People – by Michael Booth
  • We Need New Names – by NoViolet Bulawayo
  • Clothes Clothes Clothes, Music Music Music, Boys Boys Boys – by Viv Albertine (guitarist for The Slits)
  • The Goddess of Small Victories – by Yannick Grannec
  • The Carpet People – by Terry Pratchett

And two manga. Reviews posted or forthcoming on Goodreads!

I don’t see many movies/DVDs, but this month I saw Jules et Jim (1962) and The Theory of Everything. I loved the Jane/Stephen Hawking movie and what it said about all marriages/partnerships.

If I didn’t mention it before, Rom and I have tickets to an old-school hard rock concert this Fall, and now we have tickets to another one, so later on we will be seeing Scorpions and Judas Priest 🙂

I started the free trial of Apple Music this month to see how it compares to Spotify. I am really liking it and will have to decide whether to subscribe. Their playlist recommendations are sent out every few days based on your tastes in music, and they are excellent! Some of my playlist titles were “Inspired by Nick Cave,” “An Experimental Electronic Afternoon” and “Indie Romancers.”

I am queued up to get Windows 10 since I already had to get Windows 8.1 with my most recent computer. I will let you know how it goes!

On a completely random note, my city is stepping up its garbage sorting starting this week. We now have to use clear garbage bags, and if they have any recyclable or compostable materials in them, they will be rejected. I am not concerned, but I do wonder how some of my neighbours will fare!

I buy both of these kinds - love 'em - not a sponsored post!

I buy both of these kinds – love ’em – not a sponsored post!

August is off to a good start weather-wise, and I have to say, I like knowing that the air conditioning is there to use at home, even though I try to keep it to a minimum. No point freezing and grumbling like in the office. I have stocked up on freezies, too!

Hope July was good for you!


  1. How was the Goddess of Small Victories? I love that title. So, you and Rom are some head bangers? I am as well, but I am more of the Led Zepplin, Clapton, ZZ Top and Stevie Ray era.

    • Goddess of Small Victories was a bit slow and the characters were not likeable! But I really liked the world of science and research, and I wanted everyone to be well by the end. (It was about Kurt Godel, the logician/mathematician, and his wife). Yes, Rom is into NWOBHM and I am still more partial to “vintage” metal of that era, although we go see newer and tougher metal bands too.

  2. Fiona

    You are really reading up a storm! Goodreads is fantastic; I love popping in and seeing what people I know are reading and checking out their reviews.

    We had a great improv jazz place here in Melbourne called Bennetts Lane; however it shut last month due to pressure from developers to buy the land. I kept meaning to ‘get my act together’ and book tickets far enough in advance to actually see some live music, but by the time I was all set to book, this place was closing. I missed Cat Empire there in the last few weeks which was unfortunate. It’s great that you are getting out and seeing events!

    The church event sounds like a great idea. I wonder how many people it would help in our church if a similar topic was covered. There is crisis financial counselling but seemingly nothing more preventative.

    The Pride March looks very colourful, no rain on that parade!

    • I can’t count the number of times I missed a band I wished I’d seen, or didn’t get to a venue (or a restaurant) before it closed for good! Listening to Cat Empire on YouTube now. I enjoyed your latest post. Many tasty indulgences should be forgiven, given the circumstances 🙂

  3. What a month!

    My eldest son does Spotify. I haven’t yet got into either system, preferring my husband’s CD collection. Too lazy to upload or to try out a new platform.

    Can say clear rubbish collection wouldn’t work here. Are there fines or consequences for not separating rubbish?

  4. I like that your council is stepping up with waste sorting. We have suburb compost bins, but I wish it was city council wide (which is v v well funded and brands with ‘zero waste’).

    On the church front – I think it’s great you can do these talks. I wish, in some ways, I could talk to colleagues, who thankfully aren’t hand to mouth, but seriously seem to misunderstand how well paid they are!! At my church, many are very affluent. And then I put in coins (often just what I have left in my wallet and I online give, but I hate to not put in the plate) and those coins feel ‘cheap’. But I’m not the only one who puts in only coins! We truly are a full spectrum inner city church.

    I am too lazy/slack/forgetful to check goodreads, but if I run out of reading materials, I may head there. I’m reading something quirky about a 7 year old who was left in a department store (I think it’s an Aussie author) and after two nights, takes herself home, and befriends a shut in 87 year old. Quirky!

    • Sounds like Lost & Found, Sarah – which I read that on vacation in June (a bit too depressing for a holiday read, or perhaps I’m biased because I’m pregnant). But definitely quirky! Some of the things the characters said/thought made me laugh too because they were just so odd.

    • My church is like that too, a mix of affluent and inner city. We have a system whereby a lot of people give a monthly cheque or direct deposit, so not much goes into the plate on Sundays. So envelopes are provided, and it is less noticeable if people put coins in them, or even put in an empty envelope (because they’ve already given).

      That book sounds cute!

  5. What a fun month! I hope you enjoy your upcoming music events! We’re going to see Billy Joel later this month and I can’t wait 🙂

    I love that your garbage is sorted by trash/recycling/compost. It took such a long time for my state to even allow curbside recycling that I can’t imagine it’ll be required any time soon (or to take that extra step to include compost).

    The fruit bars look good! I bought a similar product last week, basically pureed frozen black cherries on a stick. They are perfect outside on a warm night.

    • Your fruit bars are much healthier than mine – which are mostly juice and no sugar, but are not whole fruit. I made a sorbet/granita once but found it a bit of a hassle; maybe will have to just do the frozen banana or grape thing!

  6. mtandb

    Hi Dar! I’m back…just about 🙂

    Your July sounds wonderful and so full of things you love.

  7. So desperate to watch ‘A Theory of Everything’! I think I need to buy it.

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