Mini Decor Project

And now for something completely different! This post is a follow-up to Weekend Wardrobe Project

Last weekend, I refreshed one of my favourite possessions, the watchmaker’s cases I use to store earrings. They are aluminum storage boxes filled with tiny round containers. The lid of each box was backed with foam, to protect the glass tops of the little containers. It had flaked away and wasn’t looking pretty, so I lined the lid of each box with satin fabric:


Supplies: cardboard, fabric and pins

Wrapping the cardboard – finished with taping it

End result – see also below

This is part of the larger project of redecorating the master bedroom. Actually more like decorating (not redecorating) since it’s the first time the room has had a planned look! Last Fall, we moved all of our folded clothes to glass-fronted cabinets:

Wardrobe cabinets

As a result, I didn’t have a surface to place my jewellery and accessories. It was suggested that I get a small vanity table and a wall mirror to put between the two units. But it’s a small space, and there is only 2 feet (60 cm) on either side of the cabinets. Then there is a night stand on each side of the bed, as shown below, so if the cabinets were pulled apart toward the corners of the room, I would not be able to open some of the glass doors:

Eventually, I bought a wall-mounted shelf with two drawers, that fit into a 12″ (30 cm) nook in a corner of the room. It remained in its flat-pack box for about 3 months until I found a wall mirror I liked!

In the drawers (so far) are cards of earrings, watches and glasses

Here’s the spot where the shelf and mirror fit into the room:

A close-up of the mirror – this is very bling-y for me 🙂

The bed has an old faux-wood headboard from a previous furniture set, and maroon curtains that don’t match the current duvet set. Across the room is a straight-backed chair that the cats have shredded with their claws. When those things have been taken care of, I will consider the room done!


Watchmaker’s cases from Lee Valley

Shelf and brackets from IKEA

Mirror from Bouclair

Cabinets from Canadian Tire

Have you done any indoor projects this season?



  1. Wow, I love that mirror. Stunning! That is a level of bling I would be very comfortable with. 🙂

  2. I really like those glass-fronted cabinets. The thought of getting to look at neatly folded clothing every day, as well as having to fold the clothes neatly hits all the right spots for me (OK, I am weird that way). The shelf with the mirror above is lovely too. The red duvet is also very attractive!

  3. That looks great, a lovely combination of practical and well-organised, and good to look at (and be in I imagine). I seem to be in a constant state of slimming down ‘stuff’ and reorganising what’s left – I must say I do find it satisfying.
    Sorry to have been absent from comments for a while – I’ve been reading but combination of a lost password and tiny tech problems seemed too great to tackle. Of course when I did it took barely 5 mins!

  4. Fiona

    I feel a bit weird to admit this…but reading this on my phone it happened that with a simple pinch of the screen I could zoom in with startling clarity to enjoy your earring collection!

    It would be very tricky to find something to fit the space constraints (I realised with more zooming / pinching…)….I’m really impressed with your solution!

    The neatness of sweaters in cabinets and glasses in drawers has totally wowed me! So organised – I love it!

    A weird sidenote but I zoomed in on your powerpoints (sockets?) and was discombobulated! Small things of difference but a long way away!

    • You have anticipated a forthcoming post on my extensive earring collection 🙂 I find it way easier to stack clothes on shelves than to squeeze them into drawers. Yeah, our North American electrical outlets are 120 V; mild little things! I looked up the Australian ones, and I haven’t seen that shape before.

  5. ang0660

    Love how you have created that space. I have always coveted a proper dressing table area and have yet to get one! Better add to a bucket list perhaps? In my dreams it would be an old fashioned bow shaped one with drapes underneath! Currently I have a 2 way mirror on a stand and a drawer in the unit! Not very glamorous.

  6. Great solutions and I like the feel of the colors and the bling.

  7. Margie in Toronto

    It looks great – and I love those cabinets! I could colour co-ordinate all my cardigans in there!
    I have actually stopped re-decorating! My friends always laughed as they said every time they came over I’d moved furniture and/or changed drapes or cushion covers and accessories. I used to even have different coloured slipcovers to change things up – but it got to be too much for me.
    I have now settled on certain colours and that is what I’m sticking with – I donated or sold all the extras as part of the purging that I’ve been doing. I do get tempted to change things up every now and again but a lack of funds keeps me from giving in these days! 🙂

    • I have not really decorated before, just bought new or replacement furniture to fit the space. I re-did Link’s room after they left home, and I have been gradually replacing lamps and light fixtures with a more intentional look. Otherwise I try to buy once and rarely change anything!

  8. I spy the Sigur Ros 33 1/3 book. Is it any good? Or maybe it will show up on one of your book posts.

  9. You are as always a step ahead of me. We have Project Bedroom in the pipeline but it is more “gutting the floor and doing hard labour” than decorating and making it look pretty.

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