In and Out of March

Just 2 on the lobes (not me)

… A Teen Ritual, A Retro Pastime and Cheap Local Eats …

So, I had an odd number of ear piercings; no big deal. I had the requisite single pair of ear piercings when I was 13, then added a second one in my left ear when I was 17. To have 2 piercings in one ear was daring back then, and I received constant comments! Fast forward almost 40 years and now I am constantly asked if I have lost an earring, since I look “old” and don’t have matching sides!

I could have done nothing, but I wanted a change. I debated getting another hole on the same side so I would have 3-and-1 and it would clearly be not-a-mistake, or even it out to 2-and-2. I decided on the latter. So I went to the mall and stood in line at Claire’s with the young teens to get another ear piercing, attracting many stares through the mall window.

While I was there, I overheard some other teen girls debate getting lip and nose piercings. One said, “According to my mom, my body doesn’t belong to me until I’m 19.” They knew their parents would never sign the consent forms. I informed them one only had to be 16 to get lip or nose piercings. I know this since Link went out and got a lip piercing as soon as they turned 16. (It is still 19 – legal age – for tattoos). The girls were quite surprised but then wondered (dramatically) if they would be kicked out of home. The Claire’s employee dutifully told them, “You don’t need permission, but it’s still nice to have,” thereby losing the sale. I thought everyone had acted with admirable restraint.

Wow, ear piercing is so much easier now. It barely pinches and you can change earrings after only 3 weeks!

New jewellery rack

Sticking with a jewellery theme, I am trying to figure out storage. My old jewellery box is in horrible condition but has the best storage trays. It has a vinyl outer case, so I will try to re-cover it. Meanwhile I bought a 3-tier necklace holder which I’m using for bracelets and beads, at least until the cats discover it.

It’s been a spendy month. I decided on 4 more things to complete the new master bedroom look: a headboard for the bed, new curtains, a stool or chair for the dressing table, and a painting or two! Found and purchased a lovely headboard at Winners. The rest can wait.

Black light bowling (not my photo)

Another highlight for the month was a blast from the past. This month the library managers had an off-site meeting followed by bowling. I think compulsory work/social activities are mostly dreaded by all, but we actually had a great time. I vaguely remember the last time I went bowling; it was probably at a birthday party Link was invited to at age 6! It came back to me. I could do it. I stress-tested my pants at home to ensure they wouldn’t split in a deep lunge! But the best part was when we got there, we found out it was a black light bowling alley! I did not know there was such a thing. (I should have, since I have played black light mini-golf.) I was greatly amused.

My other entertainment for the month was finally going to see Black Panther, one of the few recent Marvel movies to keep my full attention. I loved the diverse Black cast – the characters represented urban, professional and tribal peoples – and I was delighted with the strong Black female roles. It had socially conscious themes throughout. Recommended!

I started a local food experiment. Rom and I have favourite restaurants, but we’re only regulars at one neighbourhood spot, our default. We have 3 other favourites in the city at large; otherwise we go for new dining experiences. This month we used the rest of entertainment budget for lunches at 4 neighbourhood restaurants, one a week. We batted .500. First we tried a Chinese restaurant that has been in the neighbourhood for 10 years so we thought it must have staying power for a reason; not so. Will not be returning. We looked forward to the opening of a new Jamaican spot. I have eaten Jamaican food many times and was seriously appalled by the food at this place. Sad! We rebounded by going to a diner and had a happy diner experience. Finally, we revisited the Turkish place where I once had the best vegetarian moussaka ever, and I loved it again on visit 2.

Since I knew I would be getting a refund, I filed my taxes as early as possible and got my money back on March 5! I filed my parents’ returns later in the month and they got their refunds in 2 weeks. With netfiling and free online tax software, I don’t know why anyone with a basic return would ever pay for tax preparation services or software. If you are not already doing it, I personally recommend StudioTax – you can download the annual program so your personal info is not stored on an online site.

Speaking of personal info, I downloaded my Facebook data. My use of personal Facebook has been steady but cautious. Have you ever heard that question, “If being Christian was a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” I was disturbed by my Facebook data. They know about my tastes in shopping and movies and music, and family life, but very little about my political, environmental, or social justice interests. They were on my data list, but barely. I need to be more “out” with my beliefs.

That’s it – how was March for you?


  1. March was a tough month. It started with the death of my mother-in-law and ended with the death of a beloved aunt. With additional stresses suffered in between, I’m more than happy to be finished with March.

    March is my birthday month though, which meant a fabulous Indian meal at a restaurant we rarely get the chance to visit, and a bookstore-shopping day out with my spouse. Both were lovely. 🙂

  2. PK

    oooo this is rather unexpected, I thought the ear piercings bit was a bluff… wait, is it? because of April Fools? This is too exciting. Great recap as always, the restaurant review had me in stitches, will definitely not be trying out the Chinese and Jamaican restaurants. Happy new month.

  3. I’m a 1+2 earring person too, but unless it’s New Year’s or off to the opera, I’m 0+0.
    I’m happy March is over, way too much work. And I never joined Facebook, spawn of Satan I was told and indeed!

    • I always wear earrings and even have spares in my work bag in case I ever forget or lose one! Facebook has been good to me, but I have always held it at arms-length and not told it too much.

  4. You make a great point about what your data didn’t say – I like that! I’ve not downloaded my data, and probably won’t. My brother is home from the UK and I watched him scroll his facebook and it be FILLED with news articles. I mentioned it and he started being more aware of how little ‘friend’ content there was.

    You rebel – sharing the age thing with the girls but in a way, I’m sort of proud of the Claire worker for speaking up. I think it was a nice balance – informed but also considered. With respects to ear piercings, I was forbayed until 18 but dad campaigned for a reduction due to school formal. Interestingly, Dad’s often an advocate for me with my mother, something that seems to rile my mother up. I use it selectively, but it is needed at times to moderate some STRONG opinions. I was also to wax my underarms which became challenging at boarding school and playing water polo – another win by dad!

    • I thought the Claire’s worker struck a good balance, too. I wonder if parents of 16 year olds ever complain to store management about the age policy! My parents always seemed to be on the same page about what we could and couldn’t do – maybe because they had the same fairly strict religious beliefs, or maybe because there was more of a culture of conformity back then.

  5. Fiona

    I’m so glad to hear about the piercing! My ears closed over years ago from never wearing earrings. I want them re-done but was a lit put off by the process (it used to really hurt and entail 6 weeks non-removal plus often infections!) Will compare notes if I get mine re-done!

    A bedhead is next on my list, to protect the wall more.

    Glad you enjoyed the bowling! We have a work event coming up; playing mini-golf in the dark with cocktails. Remains to be seen how that works out!

    • Mini golf in the dark with cocktails! I want to do that! I am not sure if the black light mini golf place here is licensed for drinks, though!

      I was really surprised how much less painful the ear piercing was. There was a choice of a 6 week or a 3 week cleaning solution for a little more money. I’ll let you know how easy or hard it is to change earrings after week 3!

  6. That is quite a jewellery collection you have. I like your bedroom updates especially the glass fornted cabinets in your previous post. I seem to have missed a couple recently. Hope Link is doing well.

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