Turning Groceries into Meals, Part 3: What I Ate in January

January was not a typical month because I worked 3 evening shifts and I had a volunteer commitment which required me to eat away from home 3 lunches and 2 dinners – on weekends!  On the plus side, I made yogurt with my new yogurt maker, baked bread for the first time, and baked some homemade snacks.

I have breakfast at home, a brown-bag lunch at work Monday to Friday, and home cooked meals in the evenings. When I work late, I bring 2 brown-bag lunches.

When you see my meal plan / food log, you’ll see some repetition: that is me trying to use everything up and keep up my “no food waste” pledge!

Menu Plan 2012_Jan

My spouse eats a little differently than I do: he likes having the same thing for breakfast every day, and he brings sandwiches and fruit every day for lunch at work – no variety desired! Unlike me, he doesn’t snack during the day, but he craves desserts at night.

One thing I noticed at month-end was that I ate a lot of foods that I bought or prepared last month. Each month I seem to top up the groceries, so I am always left with the same amount. I should at least try to use up the uncommon things in the cupboard: I have supplies to make a green curry if the mood strikes!

I would be interested to hear if anyone out there has good brown-bag lunch ideas for adults, especially if you do shift work and you bring lots of food to work!


I ran the January food log through my Diet Power software and it said I got this percentage of my nutrient requirements every day (on average for the month): carbs 100%, protein 91%, fats 89% (high in saturated, though), fibre 126%, sodium 123%, calcium 109% and iron 122%.

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