Grocery Grand Tally Preview

I am working on a super stat-tastic (read: nerdy) project. I decided to tally all the food that came into the house for the first 6 months of the year so I could see what it looked like in print. I also thought it might give me some insight into how good our overall diet is, and whether I could identify areas for savings.

At any given time I have about one month’s worth of non-perishable food on hand, so I had that much going in on January 1, and will have the same amount going out on June 30.

We are a family of 2 adults who have been eating  Real Food and making just about everything from scratch since last September, but we have numerous splurges, treats and cheats.

I won’t be finished my “half-year” report for a couple of weeks, but here is a preview:

  • We have eaten four times as many apples as potatoes.
  • We consumed 39 pounds of meat before going vegetarian on June 1.
  • Only 25% of our dinners were vegetarian before that.
  • We bought 16 loaves of bread before learning to bake it, and I’ve made 31 loaves since.
  • We’ve eaten 19 boxes of breakfast cereal.
  • Seven pounds of candy have “disappeared into the void” and Rom does not eat candy!
  • We go out to a cafe just about every weekend and have a croissant, oatcake, cinnamon bun or muffin.
  • I feel like we hardly ever eat out, but numbers don’t lie: we actually had only 65% of our dinners at home.
  • On the virtuous side, we bought 89 pounds of fresh vegetables, as well as 82 vegetable items “by the piece.”

Stay tuned for more food-counting madness in two weeks!

This is apparently my favourite food!


  1. Wow, keeping track like that is an interesting exercise. I’d be afraid that I’d learn a few truths about some of my eating habits (chocolate) that I’m trying to ignore.

  2. SarahN

    I love lists, counting, quantifying, so I am eagerly awaiting this! I keep a spread sheet on my grocery spends, and try to work out cheapest place for regularly used items… It’s a work in progress

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