What Do You Talk About?

My spouse and I have only been married 3 years and we still have lots to talk about. However, I am not sure our daily conversations are completely…normal.

I would guess that for a couple who have known each other for a long time, the daily conversation would include:

In morning –

  • what’s going on today
  • commitments you dread
  • things you’re looking forward to
  • near future, e.g. looking forward to weekend
  • the weather
  • necessities, such as errands, bills and repairs
  • reminders to the other to do something
  • brief comments and compliments such as “You look nice” or “You should buy new shoes!”

In evening –

  • what’s for dinner
  • how was your day
  • what the kids, parents or relatives are doing
  • directives, e.g. – I’ll put the groceries away and you scoop the cat box!
  • dreaming/planning, e.g. next vacation
  • what didn’t get done today because too busy or tired

Are your conversations like that? I have my share, for sure!

Over the past week, some of our topics of conversation have been:

  1. New Magic the Gathering products
  2. Magic the Gathering marketing strategies
  3. Quality of filming of Magic the Gathering tournaments online
  4. Specifications of various Fender and Gibson guitars
  5. How to tell a Jazzmaster and a Jaguar apart
  6. Guitar buying wish list
  7. Number of frets on a guitar neck and why the dots are where they are
  8. Johnny Marr’s influences
  9. Bands to see at Halifax Pop Explosion (before)
  10. Best bands at Halifax Pop Explosion (after)
  11. What guitars and equipment each band used
  12. Sound quality at various concert venues
  13. Friend’s new dog as shown on Facebook
  14. Exploits of bosses, co-workers and customers (anonymously, of course)
  15. Whether it is worth it to try to reduce grocery spending
  16. Spending cash versus using debit card
  17. Possible iron deficiency in diet – to supplement or not?
  18. Plans for space after 2 rooms cleaned and decluttered (in progress)
  19. Speculating about listing unwanted stuff on Freecycle
  20. Desire for new iPad Mini
  21. Description of current book, Too Big to Know
  22. Description of current DVD, French Immersion
  23. Whether to attend Jian Ghomeshi reading
  24. Whether to attend Sheepdogs concert
  25. Whether to try old bread maker with no manual
  26. Taste of the ensuing bread
  27. Local election
  28. Whether 100% of the donations you make at store checkouts go to the charities
  29. When to take remainder of vacation time
  30. Celebrating Rom’s 3rd anniversary of moving to Canada soon!

I bet you can guess who introduced which topics! I just asked Rom what he remembered of our conversations this week and he said, “Guitars, iPad” and then drew a blank 🙂 but only temporarily, and joked that there were lots of things he told me, versus having an actual (ahem, two-way) conversation.

On a “good” week, we talk a lot more about the news, and we quite often discuss philosophy and linguistics – honest! That’s what comes of not having young children at home who are running around calling each other poopy-heads and the like.

Such is our daily chit-chat. What is it like at your place – spouse, children, room mate – or with yourself?


  1. Mel

    Yes! Go see the Sheepdogs!

  2. Our 5 hour trips to Scotland would usually consist of similar in depth topics to your 1-30 list when we often discuss putting the world and our families to rights – unless of course I have to map read which may end up with us in total silence!!
    Our mornings tend to be a rather unsociable and quick ‘morning’ and ‘see you tonight’ – perhaps not everyone would see this as a good recipe for a 36 year marriage but it appears to have worked for us!

  3. My hubby and I are both software development managers so we talk about work and technology a lot. It’s nice to have a sounding board who knows where I am coming from.

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