5 Challenges I Will Never Do

Better Person

Photo credit: live-creatively.com

I know myself well enough to avoid resolutions and challenges I will never do. You will get to know me better through this list of goals I will never attempt!

Photo credit: chugginmccoffee.com

Photo credit: chugginmccoffee.com

5. Give Up Caffeine

I did this once, when I was pregnant, and happily returned to my caffeine-guzzling ways. I only have a couple of vices (as far as I know!) and I’m rating this one as relatively harmless. I just love coffee.

My first loaf (last January)

My first loaf (last January)

4. Go Gluten-Free

I have no problems with gluten tolerance, therefore I will not be giving up wheat. I respect the efforts of people who need to be gluten-free for medical reasons, but I am very glad not to be one of them.

Photo credit: http://www.miwablo.com (orig. from Corbis)

Photo credit: miwablo.com (orig. from Corbis)

3. Spend Less Time on the Computer

I use a computer all day at work. Some evenings and weekends, I spend half of my free time on the computer. But I also spend hours and hours reading (printed books), cooking, gardening, playing with my cats, and other things that involve no screen time. In fact, I watch so little TV and so few movies that I think I deserve more screen time 🙂

Photo credit: newsfeed.time.com

Photo credit: newsfeed.time.com

2. Retire Early and Go Travelling

Have you heard the argument that travel is overrated? If I embedded myself in another culture and learned how other people live, it would be valuable; otherwise, for me, it is expensive entertainment! There are lots of places I would love to see, and I look forward to some lovely trips. But I will not be organizing my life around it.

And the top challenge I will never, ever do is:

Photo credit: dartmouthhampton.com

Photo credit: dartmouthhampton.com

1. Run a Marathon!

I exercise, I’m relatively fit, and I do not run. I admire the dedication that others have to running, and I understand the euphoria they must feel from attaining their goals. I especially see how training to meet a standard must be appealing. I don’t know if I will ever train to do something physical. I just want to keep my body functional!

I heartily recommend that you do all of these things. They will make you a better person. I will cheer you on via Facebook while drinking coffee and eating cookies 🙂

What are the popular challenges you won’t be doing?


  1. Love this… lol! I’m totally with you on the caffeine! I LOVE my coffee… it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! As for gluten… I had to give it up due to allergies, but I sooo miss it. 😦 I make homemade bread and it kills me not to be able to eat it as GF bread doesn’t even come close… ick! I actually agree with all your things, except the computer time… I need to limit myself or I waste too much time. lol! With 4 kids… not wise. 😉

  2. Love your list! I have to agree that: caffeine is good (I have a love-hate relationship with it myself), gluten is bad (for me, but I love it anyway), less time on the computer would be good (but not likely to happen), traveling permanently isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (we tried it for a year), and I don’t run unless someone is chasing me (but I do like walking marathons!). Popular challenges I won’t do…anything to do with deprivation–I have no willpower!

  3. Ha! Well, I won’t be going Vegan any time soon! It’s difficult enough to find things I can eat with all of my food allergies, adding any further restrictions just makes me miserable.

  4. Hilarious! At 27, I agree I won’t retire early and travel the world (or take a gap year) – I get so over long term travel – finding laundromats and restaurants and and and… short frequent little trips are better! As for the others – I can and I have given up caffeine (in the same objective as the giving up of wheat and dairy… which is to help my psoriasis). I continue to limit my intact of wheat and dairy, but I wouldn’t say I’m either allergic, nor stringent in following some diet. The screen time one is interesting – I spend work time in front of a computer (save for time on site, which is maybe 20-30% of my work). At home, I have a laptop with no internet, which effectively means I use it to watch TV shows (as I don’t have a HDMI cable to connect it to the TV). In affect, it means my ‘computer’ time is pretty low in leisure time, though I do use it a bit for downloaded TV shows (which come from friends…)

  5. I’m with you on the Marathon…give me Yoga any day. Caffeine gives me palpitations…so decaff everything for me…my ‘long suffering’ has my quota he enjoys extra caffeinated. I won’t be giving up the landline – I hate those walk around phones and not too clever with mobiles either. I could give up work and travel in a Camper Van would that be classed as retirement?

  6. Love this list. I have given up gluten but it’s for health reasons and I feel great. I wouldn’t give it up to be trendy. I totally agree on the marathon thing, give me yoga, walking and swimming any day. I also spend a lot of time on the computer, but I will have to cut that down when I have kids I guess.

  7. Gemma Ptolemy

    I thought about going gluten free for a week to see if I feel better at all. People seem to say how great they feel after getting rid of wheat. It’s just so difficult to find food without it. To be completely honest, I work with sorghum that is a gluten free cereal grain so gluten free products are very good to me.

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