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Ivy Blue Carter and her marvellous mom (Photo: nydailynews.com)

I call myself anti-consumer, but I do consume one of the guiltiest pleasures of all: celebrity gossip, more politely known as entertainment news. I’m not my office “go-to” gossiper, but I’m not disconnected, either. Where do you fall on the celebrity news spectrum?

  1. In the supermarket check-out line, you don’t even glance at the tabloids long enough to ask “What’s a Kardashian?”
  2. You admire Michelle Obama for her campaign against childhood obesity, and she gets bonus points for the White House garden.
  3. You bought into the office pool on Will and Kate’s baby birth date.
  4. You hope Jen beats Brad to the altar.
  5. Ryan Gosling or Ryan Lochte?

If #1, you live a cloistered life (but have no fear, you’re not missing much!)

If #2, you are not a celebrity hound. You can’t help it if famous people are attached to legitimate news stories.

If #3, you are a social gossip and it’s all in good fun.

If #4, you have been following celebrity gossip for a long time and you have a vested interest!

If #5, you are a trend spotter and you’re probably looking at pix of hotties on another tab!

Quality photo of Miley and Liam from people.com!

Quality photo of Miley and Liam from people.com!

The way I see it, most of us have our weak spots. For example, I don’t watch network TV, but I am a serious rock music fan and I always know who is in and out of what band, and when their next single or video is coming out. Just in the course of checking the news every day, I seem to keep up on:

  •  politician’s bad behaviour, and which of their spouses are style icons;
  •  royalty, and how they carouse like commoners;
  •  trainwrecks, like Lilo’s many trips to court and/or rehab;
  •  couples – who’s on and who’s off (Yes – Tiger and Lindsey. Not sure – Miley and Liam. No – Nina and Ian.)
  •  fashion – who wore what when
  •  nudes – and who should have worn something when they didn’t!
  •  fitness – with claims of baby bumps every time 5 lbs are gained
  •  firings – What? Randy’s off Idol? Or did he quit?
New Wolverine movie in July? (Photo: teaser-trailer.com)

New Wolverine movie in July? (Photo: teaser-trailer.com)

  •  up and coming – new release movies and TV series (24 is coming back?)
  •  awards – I do like the Oscars and Grammys and Junos and Brits and…
  •  babies – not only is every baby this year named Ivy, but Suri might have her own fashion line!
  • and who’s gay – because I am an LGBTQ advocate, I want to know!

If this post has left you shaking your head in puzzlement, you are a worthier person than I.

I confess to copping a little research. How else was I to find out why Martha Stewart and promiscuity are being bandied about in the same sentence?

What does your enquiring mind want to know when it comes to celebrity news?


  1. I have no idea who most of the people are you mentioned 😏. I do know a few though. When I was younger my grandmother had a subscription to the National Enquirer, the biggest gossip paper at least then. I would read it religiously right with her, as would my boyfriend! But never would I have bought one or been caught reading it in public. A while back I picked up People magazine while in a check out line for something on the cover. I knew I was horribly out of touch when page after page I found myself shaking my head in wonder at who these people were.

    Yes, i still have my guilty pleasures but celebrity news isn’t one of then

  2. EcoCatLady

    I fear I too am in the clueless department. I still haven’t figured out who Kim Kardashian is, but at least I’ve finally figured out that she’s a person, and not one of those strange-necked creatures on Star Trek Deep Space 9!

    But I do have my own weaknesses. Ask me about the recent NFL draft, and I can tell you WAY more than any self-respecting cat lady ought to know!

  3. todadwithlove

    Like which prince is Pippa Middleton dating now? And what is she wearing where, when? 😀

  4. Haha I assumed those first two commenters wouldn’t be into entertainment news and I was proved right! I was level 4 – who’s that other Ryan? Haha! Mainly absorbed through radio updates and magazine front covers, I never pay for gossip nor seek it out online (too many blogs to follow as it is!) I would love someone to do an annual review of magazine stories/rumors – to see which proved true!

    • I am the same as you – I don’t pay for gossip or seek it out, but I always seem to stay informed just through osmosis – seeing magazine covers, or having it in the “real” news, or co-workers talking. No fear of falling behind!

  5. #4!! But also Gosling,over Lochte, is that even a contest? !;)

    I know everything that’s going on…..among others Lainey Gossip is a daily visit…..I’ve always been the person that likes to win at quizzes, and the only way you can do that is to keep up with as many miscellaneous (and really not important!) general knowledge items as possible….which also means I follow sport stuff too!

    I’m am not worthy at all!! 😉

    • LOL! And yes on Gosling 🙂 I read The Guardian online daily and I am always surprised by how much of a sports gossip scene there is in the UK, as well as actual sports news. I could claim that I need to keep up on entertainment news for work, to help patrons at the library who ask for DVDs and music, but I would keep up anyway.

  6. Fiona

    ***googles Lainey Gossip***

    I really *wish* I was the person who knows everything that’s going on…but not a hope! I’d be lucky to be a 2 (in reality…probably a 1!) K, I’m off to study up on Lainey!

  7. I’m a 2-3 🙂 I don’t seek out this stuff, but it’s often on the news on TV or the radio. I don’t buy trashy magazines, except for when I am doing fieldwork, when normal life goes out the window! During fieldwork we have long periods of sitting around, and we devour trashy magazines. So I have short periods of intense gossip, but am clueless most of the year!

  8. I must be somewhere b/w #1 & 2 – I know enough to know that Bruce Jenner is the dad in the family, but I’ve never figured out why the rest of them are famous. 🙂

    • Ah, the mysteries of reality TV!

      • Gemma Ptolemy

        Sadly, I know this. Kim K. was famous because she had a sex tape and she was friends with Paris Hilton. Paris is famous for her sex tape and who her parents are. I’m annoyed because Paris, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears are all about my age. So that is what my generation has to point to as the “important” people.

      • Good point, Gemma – how about Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, though?

  9. Gemma Ptolemy

    Once I got to #3 and got confused. I saw the National Inquirer was mentioned. My mom used to buy it and then give it to me so I could do the crossword puzzle in it. It was color coded and I liked that.

    • Did you know the answers to the celebrity and TV questions at a young age?

      • Gemma Ptolemy

        I’m sure I did. I could go through the magazine and figure it out. I did know who some people were but I didn’t look up to celebrities like some people did. I grew up watching comedy central and pro wrestling. I looked up to female wrestlers and comedians (male and female). I just thought of people like Paris and Beyonce as skanky half naked girls on tv.

  10. I am definitely a 1 (or maybe a 0?). I really am not into gossip–celebrity or otherwise. A few years back we were on a cruise in the middle of the South Pacific and the only TV station we got for five days was the E network. Talk about a reason to jump overboard! IMHO of course 🙂

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