Food Association Quiz

What is a hippie food? Granola, of course.

Where do yuppies go? Starbucks!

What do you eat because they’re good for you? Vegetables, for sure. Why wasn’t I ever told, “You should try these green beans; they are crisp and delicious?”

I was thinking about what food automatically pops into my mind when I hear Local Food, Fresh Food, Fast Food, Hearty Food, and so on. I’ll provide my list first so you can do it yourself, then I’ll give you my own personal food associations. It would be fun to read some of your answers!

The following list is available as a Word document if you want to try it offline: Food Association Quiz

What is the first food (or drink) that comes to mind when you read these?

  • Fast Food
  • Junk Food
  • Greasy Food
  • Obesity Culprit
  • Order-in Food
  • Take-out Food
  • Kid Food
  • Snack Food
  • Addictive Food
  • Packaged Food
  • Decadent Food
  • Little Indulgence
  • Connoisseur (Snob) Food
  • Repulsive Food
  • Hearty Breakfast
  • Light Lunch
  • Fine Dining
  • Healthy Food
  • Fresh Food
  • Seasonal Food
  • Local Food
  • Best Pick-Me-Up
  • My Country’s National Food
  • Best Thirst Quencher
  • Girly Drink
  • Lunchbox Staple
  • Pantry Necessity
  • Frozen Treat
  • Something in a Jar
  • A Food I Could Eat Every Day
  • A Food I Would Never Eat
  • A “Poor People’s Food”
  • A “Rich People’s Food”
  • A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make
  • I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!

Here is a picture to distract you from looking at my answers until you’re done:

Cute Food!
Photo Credit:

My own answers are:

  • Fast Food – McDonald’s
  • Junk Food – chips, but especially Doritos!
  • Greasy Food – burgers
  • Obesity Culprit – soda pop
  • Order-in Food – pizza (phone for this)
  • Take-out Food – Chinese food (go pick this up)
  • Kid Food – chicken nuggets
  • Snack Food – Goldfish crackers, my favourite!
  • Addictive Food – popcorn – or kettle corn!
  • Packaged Food – cookies (like Oreos)
  • Decadent Food – cheesecake
  • Little Indulgence – dark chocolate
  • Connoisseur (Snob) Food – paté
  • Repulsive Food – poutine
  • Hearty Breakfast – bacon and eggs (I prefer oatmeal)
  • Light Lunch – soup and crackers
  • Fine Dining – rack of lamb and rosemary potatoes. Not that I would order this – truffle gnocchi, maybe 🙂
  • Healthy Food – stir fry – with brown rice
  • Fresh Food – salad
  • Seasonal Food – strawberries
  • Local Food – fiddle heads
  • Best Pick-Me-Up – coffee. Although I have learned that crunchy foods like raw carrots and celery make me more alert in the afternoons!
  • My Country’s National Food – Kraft Dinner! (boxed macaroni and cheese)
  • Best Thirst Quencher – ginger ale. I know I should say water.
  • Girly Drink – Singapore Sling. With an umbrella!
  • Lunchbox Staple – sandwich
  • Pantry Necessity – flour
  • Frozen Treat – Freezies
  • Something in a Jar – pickles
  • A Food I Could Eat Every Day – pizza!
  • A Food I Would Never Eat – sheep’s eyes?
  • A “Poor People’s Food” – Mr. Noodle (ramen)
  • A “Rich People’s Food” – caviar
  • A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make – anything in puff pastry made from scratch
  • I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! – a bag of jellybeans ::blush::

There might be a point to all this…if you think of risotto as “something you could never make,” you won’t have the experience of finding out it’s not that hard. (You just have to stand there at the stove for a long time!) If you think of lentils as a “poor person’s food,” you might be less inclined to do Meatless Mondays. If Diet Food makes you think of iceberg lettuce, you might associate dieting or healthy eating with deprivation. I think I need to un-learn some of my automatic associations and keep an open mind!


  1. Oh yum! Your list looks tasty. I did have to Google poutine though. Not sure what I think about it…

  2. SarahN

    When I’m not swamped with work, I’m doing this (you know how I love lists!!)

  3. I love the food association quiz. I may have to try it one of these days when I’m not quite so busy.

    Also, I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award because I enjoy reading your blog. If you want to participate, check out the instructions on my blog 🙂

  4. SarahNos

    Fast Food – McDonalds
    Junk Food – French fries (aka, chips)
    Greasy Food – Fish and chips
    Obesity Culprit – high fructose corn syrup
    Order-in Food – Pizza
    Take-out Food – Pizza
    Kid Food – fish fingers
    Snack Food – I wish I knew!! Today, rice crackers
    Addictive Food – brownies! (homemade, better right?)
    Packaged Food – MAc & cheese
    Decadent Food – Brownies
    Little Indulgence – Mochas (weekends!)
    Connoisseur (Snob) Food – Fois gras
    Repulsive Food – Coriander/Cilanto
    Hearty Breakfast – Hash brown stack!
    Light Lunch – Salad (ick!)
    Fine Dining – Tetsuya’s
    Healthy Food – Vegetables
    Fresh Food – Vegetales
    Seasonal Food – strawberries… Leek
    Local Food – in a city? really? smog?
    Best Pick-Me-Up – Ice cream, gelato
    My Country’s National Food – Vegemite!
    Best Thirst Quencher – Chilled water
    Girly Drink – Mohito
    Lunchbox Staple – Cruskits (I don’t have a lunchbox?!)
    Pantry Necessity – Choc chips, aborio rice, cocoa,
    Frozen Treat – ummm… none usually, but if I let myself, ice cream
    Something in a Jar – Salted Caramel
    A Food I Could Eat Every Day – ooo I don’t know
    A Food I Would Never Eat – Beef stroganoff (boarding school made it look like dog food!)
    A “Poor People’s Food” – multi coloured jelly lollies
    A “Rich People’s Food” – fancy cheeses!
    A Dish That’s Too Complicated to Make – properly cooked, tasy fish
    I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing! – anything I bake that doesn’t see anyone but me!

    Day off – I did it!

    • Funny the things that pop to mind! HFCS, that’s a good one. Not a cilantro fan, obviously. I bet not too many people in Canada know what Vegemite is. And, can you really get salted caramel in a jar? Pass me a spoon! Thanks for taking the time to do my quiz 🙂

  5. SarahN

    You know me – addicted to a list! Salted caramel is common in NOrthern France where I once lived (and others bring as their gift from France – yay! it’s awesome!). Vegemite – honoured you know it. I know poutine – I ate them when I was in MOntreal

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